Metaverse's first Christian community announced by 'Holy Bibles NFT'

10 million Bible Cover NFTs will soon go on sale to raise money for global causes, scholarships, and churches.

Singapore, Singapore , March 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ‘Holy Bibles NFT’ announces the release of the first-ever charity-based non-fungible token (NFT) collection in mid-March 2022. It is the initial stage toward establishing a Christian presence that aims to bring believers together from around the world and form a community in the Metaverse.

The project will mint 10 million Bible Cover NFTs, and one will be given to each person who makes a $6 donation. One hundred per cent of the $60 million raised will go toward churches, Christian scholarships, and war relief for places like Ukraine.

The official mint of the NFT will be on the Holy Bibles website in the middle of March. Then, from April onward, $10 million worth of funds will be distributed to selected students worldwide to help them focus on their studies and commit to God. Also, from April, the first part of the funds will be released to selected churches.

This is just the beginning

However, this is just the start of something much more significant. In April, the Holy Bibles Church will be built in the Metaverse. It aims to be the largest church in the world with an initial goal of 100 million followers. It will be a location where Christians across the globe can gather, worship, and bond together, united by faith.

There are an estimated 2.38 billion people who practice Christianity of some form. As a result, the idea of a place in the Metaverse where hundreds of millions can gather is both feasible and something to aspire to. At present, most of them are scattered, split by geopolitics and pandemic restrictions, and this is what makes having a place on Web 3.0 so appealing.

As of January 2022, 4.95 billion people use the internet, around 62.5 per cent of the global population and rising. This makes having a place for Christians to congregate, talk, and support each other increasingly important. There is currently nothing like this available, and why the project is so crucial and well-timed.

The ‘Holy Bibles’ NFT will not just replicate a real-world community experience; it will also leverage the possibilities presented by the Metaverse by using a decentralized autonomous organization structure – also known as a DAO. This is a structure where control is shared, rather than hierarchical, with participants using governance tokens to vote on important topics.

In the modern fractured and polarized world, having a safe and accessible space to meet others of like minds and beliefs is crucial and inevitable. With a seamless, encompassing end-to-end digital worship experience, there is a chance to build a vast community of religious believers. The Holy Bibles NFTs are the first step on the journey to achieving that goal.

The first religion in the NFT space

Non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs, first appeared in 2014 but only really started to take off in 2017 with the launch of the CryptoPunk NFT collection. At first, they were greeted with scepticism, but that soon changed, with the industry exploding in 2021. Last year, the NFT market was valued at a staggering $41 billion, with institutions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s getting involved.

The NFT scene has been considerably boosted by the buzz surrounding the Metaverse. OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, broke records in January this year, with NFT sales of $4.8 billion with art and metaverse-ready avatars proving particularly popular. Other metaverse-related NFTs, such as virtual land on Decentraland, are also highly in demand.

The Holy Bibles NFT will similarly be worth collecting and highly valued. Not just as a collectable but also as an entrance permit to the Metaverse Church. Another advantage of the NFT blockchain is that donations and fund allocations are visible and transparent to all. People will be able to see the good causes they are contributing toward.

The Holy Bibles NFT project needs support from Christians everywhere

Even with the hype and surge of interest in various sectors, Holy Bibles is the first NFT project to build a space with the ambitious goal of creating a digital community through religion. Regardless of differences in location, language, race or nationality, all Christians will have a safe and welcoming space.

The project is aiming for a $60 million fund and has individual investors interested in donations of around $500,000. However, to truly establish itself and achieve its goals, Holy Bibles needs the support of believers everywhere.

The project calls on Christians around the globe to take part, donate just $6 for a unique NFT, and join the community. This is just the beginning.

The Holy Bibles NFT will be available in mid-March 2022.

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