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Mets fans are not happy the team extended GM Sandy Alderson

Sandy Alderson will be the Mets general manager for years to come. (AP Photo)

Are you familiar with the term “Friday news dump?” The phrase is used when a company releases less than pleasing news at exactly five o’clock on Friday night. It’s done to minimize public outcry. Most people leave work at five o’clock and then head off on their weekend.

The always-innovating New York Mets are taking the “Friday news dump” to new levels this offseason. Instead of releasing less then stellar news at five o’clock on Friday, they decided 7:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday would work just as well.

It was around that time the team announced it had reached a contract extension with general manager Sandy Alderson.

The terms of that deal, including the length and cost of Alderson’s new extension, were not released. Alderson was entering the final year of his contract. The team wanted to take care of that so there was no distraction during the regular season.

If the Mets thought releasing the news late on a Wednesday night would reduce public outcry … they might not know their fanbase well.

It’s safe to say Alderson isn’t well liked by the fans. You could say that about pretty much every executive with the club. The team was successful under Alderson’s watch in 2015, reaching the World Series, but has disappointed since then.

You can blame that on a number of things, some of which aren’t in Alderson’s control. Still, when things aren’t going well, fans tend to blame those in charge. And Alderson definitely falls into that category.

They made sure to let the Mets know that was the case on Twitter. The responses to the above tweet were exactly what you might expect. You can make jokes about the Mets always disappointing, but you can’t say that about the team’s fans.

The first response to the Alderson tweet is a gif of a person puking. We won’t post that here, but it feels necessary to let you know it’s there. Beyond that … well:

That’s just a small sampling of what you can expect to see if you decide to wade into the team’s mentions on that particular tweet. It’s worth noting we only shared ones that were safe for work. There are plenty of responses that were … not appropriate for this website.

Are some of the responses a little too harsh? Sure. You can’t blame Alderson for everything, especially when team ownership refuses to let him spend any money. But his extension also comes at a time where the Mets continue to miss out on useful free agents because they refuse to spend.

Looking at it that way, we can understand if fans are upset. It’s only reasonable that they want ownership to prioritize spending on players as opposed to a general manager who has overseen two straight disappointing years.

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