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Mets fire their trainer and Mets fans couldn't be happier

If it were any other MLB team that fired its head trainer Tuesday, we probably wouldn’t be writing about it. But it was the New York Mets, for whom injuries have sunk the past two seasons and for whom, among fans, their trainer had become the enemy.

So the Mets fired Ray Ramirez on Tuesday, who had been their team trainer since 2005. Ramirez took the brunt for a lot of what’s happened with the Mets lately, especially from Mets fans — so much potential, followed by so many injuries, followed by comeback attempts, sometimes followed by more injuries.

Let’s turn it over to David Lennon from Newsday:

Ray Ramirez helps Michael Conforto off the field after an injury. (AP)

Whether it’s Zack Wheeler playing in just 17 games since the start of 2015, David Wright playing in 75 games in the same time, Noah Syndergaard’s bungled MRI situation earlier this year that led to an almost season-long injury, Yoenis Cespedes’ often being hurt or everything related to Matt Harvey, there’s no doubt the Mets have been beat down by injuries in recent years.

Ramirez became the target of fan anger and, ultimately, the fall guy. Even though a team trainer can’t really do anything about a pitcher needing Tommy John surgery or Michael Conforto hurting himself on an unlucky swing. With the injuries unable to be ignored any longer, the Mets were forced to make a move.

And this is how Mets fans on Twitter reacted:

The Mets also announced Tuesday that they’re re-assigning Dan Warthen, who had been the pitching coach since 2008. He’s getting a “another role in the organization.” This comes two days after manager Terry Collins announced his retirement (or that he was stepping down), a decision the Mets most certainly helped him make.

The Mets have bigger problems than their trainer as they head into 2018. The talent is there. Keeping it healthy is another matter. And it feels like that’s a bigger responsibility than just one person.

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