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MGX reports initial revenue and performance data from the successful commercialization of its first petrolithium system in Alberta

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2019 / Today, MGX Minerals Inc. (XMG.CN); (MGXMF); (1MG.F) announced results from the successful commissioning of its first wastewater treatment system currently under contract with a major oilsands SAGD producer in Alberta, Canada. The commercial-scale 5m3/hour (750 barrel/day) NFLi-5 advanced wastewater treatment system is capable of processing evaporator blowdown water (EBD) and started operations in late November 2018.

Today's reported commissioning results are based on a 3-week study period in December 2018 and demonstrate that the system was "highly successful in achieving all treatment chemical key performance indicators", the company stated. "Most notable were treatment outcomes, which included removal of silica, calcium and magnesium totaling 99.7%, 88% and 72%, respectively. Additionally, total suspended solids in the treated product were non-detectable, effectively creating a clean water by-product for reuse."

This now marks the historic achievement of having successfully deployed a fully functional commercial system capable of cleaning highly contaminated EBD production wastewaters from the oilsands industry. No other company can achieve such on a commercial-scale, which gives MGX Minerals a prominent first mover advantage in this multi-billion industry eagerly looking for ways to significantly reduce operational costs and environmental footprints (e.g. GHG emissions and toxic wastewater disposal).

The full report can be accessed withthe following links:

English (web version): http://rockstone-research.com/index.php/en/research-reports/5341-MGX-Minerals-reports-initial-revenue-and-performance-data-from-the-successful-commercialization-of-its-first-wastewater-treatment-system-in-Alberta

English (PDF): http://rockstone-research.com/images/PDF/MGX86en.pdf

German (PDF): http://rockstone-research.com/images/PDF/MGX86Bde.pdf

German (web version): http://rockstone-research.com/index.php/de/research-reports/5342-MGX-Minerals-berichtet-ueber-anfaengliche-Einnahmen--und-Performance-Daten-von-der-erfolgreichen-Kommerzialisierung-der-ersten-Petrolithium-Anlage-in-Alberta

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SOURCE: Rockstone Research