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Miami Gardens Speaks Out Against 'Murder Gardens' Movie Title Ahead Of Big Game

Viral Indie Movie Filmmaker defends project while locals say: "where's the lie?"

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla., Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With preparations underway for the big game this Sunday, twitter users mock incoming football fans claiming the event is taking place on South Beach when it is in fact in Miami Gardens – a city notoriously known for the number of homicides in it through the years. The film sparked lively debate across social media about the impact of the controversial title. 'It's all about perception,' Mark Samuels, raised in Miami Gardens, says of his film 'Murder Gardens'.

Samuels said the story is based on actual stories of people he knows. "The inspiration was really to kind of change the narrative in Miami Gardens," "It's up to us to control what our city is and what it will become and what the future is for the kids (who) are growing up in that area," says Samuels. City officials commented "Unfortunate but not unexpected. Black communities around the country will generally be identified by their most negative occurrence or attribute" … going on to site the cities homeownership rate as proof that the city is changing.

The film was picked up by free streaming giant Tubi, where it remains in the "Most Popular" category amongst studio films stacked with major Hollywood talent. Tubi reported in June of this year that it is servicing 20 million active users a month.

'Murder Gardens' tells the story of 19-year-old Chase Washington, whose world has been turned upside down after he leaves a comfortable home provided by his foster father for a life of crime and corruption. Chase ends up in the middle of a war between a notorious crew of drug dealers, corrupt politicians and local law enforcement.

Starring Giovanni Hogu, Kennedi Jones, and featuring Bertrand Boyd of 'Queen and Slim'

'Murder Gardens' is available on DVD, Amazon Prime Video, Fandango Now, Vudu, and streaming free on Tubi.

Murder Gardens on Tubi -- Mark Samuels on Murder Gardens --  Official Trailer

Maverick Entertainment Group, a film distribution company specializing in niche genre and urban films, is distributing the film 'Murder Gardens'.


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