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Miami Vets Lead Alternative Pet Cancer Treatment with Escozine for Pets(TM)

Beverly Hills, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 10, 2014 / PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PTLF) today reported it is seeing Miami-area veterinarians leading the growing trend toward studying and using more cutting-edge treatment of pets to include increasing use of the Company's Escozine for Pets nutraceutical product to treat pets with cancer.

PetLife today announced it has received new, independent clinical research data from the first report of an ongoing study on pets diagnosed with cancer that are being treated with Escozine for Pets - the Company's new product line is based on the polarized extract from the venom of the Caribbean Blue Scorpion, indigenous to both the Dominican Republic and Cuba. The Escozine for Pets animal studies and formulation were initially started at PetLife's facility in the Dominican Republic. The new study is conducted by Joel Beth Mitchell-Navratik, DVM, of the highly regarded Miami-area Aventura Animal Hospital. Aventura Animal Hospital (www.aventura.vetsuite.com) is one of eight leading South Florida veterinary centers operated by Pet Medical Centers (www.petmedicalcenters.com).

Petlife has researched and developed its new Escozine for Pets product and, while the main compound is the same as that of Medolife's human version Escozine, the Company has used its patented polarization technology to create new formulations that target and increase the potency of specific amino acids and peptides in the compound for more effective veterinary use with dogs, cats and livestock.

"Miami is the gateway to the Caribbean," said PetLife Founder and CEO Arthur Mikaelian. "I am pleased that Miami-based veterinarians have embraced our nutraceutical product, Escozine for Pets, and are leading the trend to establish Escozine for Pets for veterinary use and are actively supporting PetLife's preparation for FDA trials through their studies.

"Given the high incidence of cancer in dogs and cats, we expect word will spread quickly from Miami, nationwide, throughout the veterinarian industry as well as to 12 million US pet owners who will receive a cancer diagnosis for their companion dog and cat pets this year."

The Aventura Animal Hospital's Dr. Mitchell-Navratik this week has reported her ongoing, documented study of a 15-year old cat diagnosed with lung cancer - for whom a series of x-rays confirms a rapid and dramatic decrease in the size and density of a cancerous tumor after just seven weeks that she attributes to Escozine for Pets. Details, and images of the before, during and after x-rays of her preliminary study results can be found on PetLife's website at www.PetLifePharma.com under, "Vet Endorsements."

Dr. Mitchell-Navratik joins Dr. Raul Jimenez of Miami's Biscayne Bay Veterinary Center who recently released preliminary results of his ongoing studies of ten dogs or cats he is treating with Escozine for Pets for a variety of cancers including primary pulmonary adenocarcinoma, metastatic mast cell tumor and others. While Dr. Mitchell-Navratik's study is scientifically anecdotal, both veterinarians have consistently confirmed that Escozine for Pets(TM) has resulted in apoptosis (cancer cell death) and extended, and substantially improved the quality of, life for their subject pets.

The Company believes it noteworthy that veterinarians today are only using the oral, nutraceutical version of Escozine for Pets(TM). The Company's prescription versions of Escozine for Pets are designed to be far more potent and will include pill, injectable and intravenous versions - assuming a successful FDA application and approval which is at the core of PetLife's 2015 business plan.

PetLife anticipates marketing and selling its nutraceutical product, Escozine for Pet, next month and starting FDA trials for its prescription drug versions in the first quarter of 2015.

About Petlife Pharmaceuticals

PetLife (www.PetLifePharma.com) is a registered US Veterinary Pharmaceutical company, incorporated in 2012, and a spinoff of Medolife Corp.

PetLife has developed and is launching a new generation of high potency veterinary cancer medications and nutraceuticals for companion pets - Escozine for Pets(TM). It is similar to the patented 'Escozine for humans' formula that has been sold by affiliate Medolife in 40 countries, using a patented polarization technology that potentiates the main ingredients to dramatically increase their effectiveness.

PetLife's mission is to bring its new, scientifically proven, non-toxic, high potency bioactive nutraceuticals and prescription medication to the world of veterinary oncology - with the ultimate goal of preventing cancer, extending the life of pets suffering from cancer while improving their quality of life. In the US alone, consumer spending on domestic companion animals is expected to reach over $58 billion in 2014 with over $13 billion being spent on over the counter medications.

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