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As Michael Cohen pleads guilty, here’s the risk for Trump

Rick Newman
Senior Columnist
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    "During his statement before a federal judge, Trump attorney Michael Cohen not only admitted that he broke federal campaign finance laws, but that he did so “at the direction of a candidate for federal office.” It’s a statement that immediately flips Trump into the unindicted co-conspirator category that Nixon only achieved during his final days in office. "

    Well THAT seems kinda big!
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    "The payment, for $130,000, was engineered as a contribution Cohen made to the Trump presidential campaign (with the expectation of getting reimbursed by Trump)."
    I'm sorry... what???
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    his protective shield is clearly warping, making it increasingly likely that Trump’s business secrets will spill into the open. That could include new details on Trump’s income and tax payments, for a man now publicly linked with criminal activity more closely than he has ever been
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    Beyond Junior's Russian meeting and all the lies behind it, Manafort being guilty on 8 counts, Cohen's tapes, files, and guilty plea, Omarosa's tapes, etc., etc...I can hardly wait for Allen Weisselberg (Chief Financial Officer for the Trump Organization), who was just recently subpoenaed by Mueller, for his testimony. See, Weisselberg has been with the Trump family since Trump's daddy Fred ran the business. Not only does he know where the skeletons are, but he has helped plant the entire graveyard!
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    So, all these “good men”: National Security Advisor, Flynn, pleads guilty, campaign advisor George Papadopoulos pleads guilty, Campaign Manager, Manafort, found guilty, Manafort’s chief aide, Gates, pleads guilty, president’s personal attorney, Cohen, pleads guilty, numerous Russian intelligence agents, and Russian orporations indicted. Likely much more to come. If this is a “witch hunt”, there sure are a lot of witches out there.
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    incoming tweets about the failing Michael Cohen
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    We hit the trifecta today. Manafort found guilty on 8 counts, Christopher Steele won his libel trial (proving the dossier has merit), and Cohen took a plea deal. Trump's tweet storm tonight will be one for the ages.
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    Mr Mueller is the most successful independent special prosecutor ever.
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    Michael Cohen not only admitted to Mueller's team that he went to Prague, he informed them that he went to meet with known Kremlin agents and that Trump urged him to do so.
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    They have recordings of Trump speaking with Cohen breaking campaign finance laws and other things..