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Michael Holston a.k.a. The Real Tarzann visits Mexico to Help Raise Awareness for Animal Abuse

The Real Tarzann

Miami, Florida, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- During Michael Holston’s rise on social media as The Real Tarzann, he has encountered countless animal owners and workers who treat animals the right way. It is a trend that most people can get behind, but there are always a few bad seeds out there that hurt animal education and conservation. 

Instead of standing by and not taking action, Michael Holston has focused heavily on raising awareness for animal abuse not just locally, but globally as well. Most recently, he took a trip to Mexico to help fight animal abuse and cruelty in the country, as it continues to be a divisive issue.

Mexico’s limited protection for animals

Animal rights activists have been very frustrated with how Mexico treats animals for quite some time. From the way they treat pigs to testing cosmetics on animals, it is vastly different in Mexico compared to the United States. New legislation passed in March of this year meant to ban the practice of testing cosmetics on animals passed unanimously, but it has yet to be formally approved. It is a massive step in the right direction when it becomes official.

Bullfighting and dogfighting still occur much too frequently in the country despite relatively new legislation putting massive restrictions on it. A few years ago, Mexico was much worse with animal abuse, but they are making strides that are starting to pay off.

Instead of being satisfied with the recent changes, Holston hopes that he can inspire others to keep pushing for legislation that closely mimics what is in place in the United States. This could make a significant impact on how humans treat animals in the country. It can also help endangered species native to Mexico, such as the leatherback turtle, Mexican gray wolf, and vaquita porpoise.

Spreading the word online

Having a social media platform that can reach over 6 million followers is something that the average person can’t rely on. Michael Holston has turned into one of the major voices in animal conservation online, which allows him to make powerful statements that can make real change.

Trips to different parts of the world to help fight animal abuse are mostly grassroots projects, but getting the internet involved can help in numerous ways. Not only does it raise awareness, but there are also ways to get people to donate for specific causes actively. Holston understands that he needs to always walk a fine line between helping out and coming off as begging, but he handles animal abuse concerns elegantly to his followers.

Additional trips planned

Holston plans to make additional trips to Mexico in the future and other locations around the world. There are many countries out there dealing with their animal abuse issues, and it is something he feels extremely passionate about. Wherever he visits, he brings attention to that area by showcasing it in a beautiful light. Giving people a look at some of these magnificent animals that might be dealing with abuse in a different part of the world.

Making any change takes time, and Michael Holston believes that this is just the start of systematic changes in Mexico. Compared to even a decade ago, things are drastically different, but there is still a lot of work to do in the country. Until animals are treated more fairly, Holston will continue to use his platform to help in any way possible.

CONTACT: contact@therealtarzann.com