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Michael Irvin with an opinion: 'Playing offensive line is easy'

Michael Irvin has opinions. Lots of opinions. We will not judge his opinions, for we surely have plenty of opinions that fall into the realm of stupidity. We will simply say that Michael Irvin’s opinions on offensive linemen are, well, curious.

Fulfilling his job description of delivering takes regardless of how little sense they make, the former Dallas Cowboys receiver targeted offensive linemen on a strange little departure on the NFL Network’s Sunday morning chat show “GameDay.”

“Playing offensive line is easy as anything,” Irvin said. “Stand there for three seconds; you’re three hundred pounds, they’re three hundred pounds; stay in front of him for three seconds, and you one day can get $300 million.”

Here’s the full rant, including Irvin’s description of how “easy” it is to play offensive line:

Well, OK. It definitely is an opinion. One wonders what offensive linemen would think of this opinion, or where Irvin gets the idea that offensive linemen could make $300 million. (The highest-paid O-lineman in the NFL for 2017, Washington’s Trent Williams, is playing on a $67 million contract.) There wasn’t much of a chance Irvin would get pancaked by a 300-pound O-lineman during his playing career, but that chance just went up exponentially in his new job.

Michael Irvin has opinions. (AP)

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