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Michael Shreeve, Founder of the No Pants Project, Releases Tips to Help Freelancers Stay Consistent

Michael Shreeve, founder of The No Pants Project, recently announced lessons to help freelancers stay consistent. He provides three overarching strategies on staying consistent, including having airtight goals, using the Seinfeld method, and having 'no feelings'.

CAMAS, Wash., Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Michael Shreeve, founder of The No Pants Project, recently revealed tips to help freelancers stay consistent. In his informational video, "Quick Tip Thursday: How To Stay Consistent", Shreeve provides three useful strategies on staying consistent. His methods include airtight goals, the Seinfeld method, and 'no feelings'.

In describing airtight goals, Shreeve shared, "What you need to do is take that big goal that you have and you need to break it down into let's just say daily to do's." Shreeve compares these goals to a ship, saying, "There was this idea of living in airtight compartments. What they meant by that is that, if you think about an old ship or even modern ships, I suppose. Where each section of the ship is compartmentalized, so that if there's a hole in some other area of the ship they can seal it off. This is the same exact idea, we want to take this massive goal and break it up into tiny little sealed-off place."

The founder of The No Pants Project then moves on to the Seinfeld method. He uses the method of the successful comedian to explain the power of being consistent. Regarding Seinfeld, Shreeve recounted, "What he would do is every single day he would write a new joke. Regardless of whether he was touring, regardless of whatever else was going on in his life… Now that's the Seinfeld method for staying consistent it's a very relatively easy way and he would put that calendar up on his wall. I have mine just over there for my daily emails and for my daily Facebook lives."

Shreeve's final point in his training video is reminding freelancers to not let feelings interfere with your ability to stay consistent. In reference to having no feelings, Shreeve explains, "I'm not saying to become a cold dead machine. What I'm saying is develop the skill of objectivity towards your own actions. To not assign feeling to absolutely everything in your life. Another title for this is mindfulness." He empathetically adds, "You're showing up, you're doing the program. Then you miss a couple days. And then maybe you do it again, and then you miss a couple days, and then what happens? You give up. I mean that's not meant to be offensive, but for whatever emotional reasons you're kind of like, never mind...I'm not going to do it anymore. This suggestion then is the key, develop objectivity or mindfulness."

The No Pants Project hosts regular live workshops. A No Pants Project workshop currently open for registration teaches entrepreneurs how to stand out in the marketplace, land long-term consistent work, generate passive income, and other important skills.

Shreeve strongly believes that freelancing must meet certain professional and emotional needs for it to work as a long-term commitment. The No Pants Project about us page clearly states, "We believe Freelancing must be 3 things (or it isn't Freelancing): Doing something you enjoy, With people you enjoy, Working together on projects you enjoy. If it isn't all three of those, then it's just another job." The No Pants Project gets its name from aspiring to support people in creating a specialized home-based business that easily fits into their life, pants or no pants—it's the freelancer's choice.

The No Pants Project blog has a wide array of free articles and resources available. Shreeve frequently posts blogs that share tips on increasing productivity, managing your mindset, and client retention. He also hosts a YouTube channel where he shares 'The NPP show'. Guests on the show are freelancing experts who share both general tips and specific information on their business niche.

About Michael Shreeve:
Michael Shreeve has had a passion for the power of words since childhood. Today, he applies his skills to launch companies and inspire people to create their own careers. Shreeve is the founder of The No Pants Project, a company that offers coaching and training to help writers become self-sufficient freelancers. He hopes to revolutionize the Monday through Friday work grind by helping people see that they can be their own boss. Shreeve has supported brands such as Mel Robbins, Mara Glazer, SUCCESS Magazine, Russell Brunson, Peter Diamandis, and more. Michael is a board member for NIKELA, a group that helps conserve wildlife in South Africa. Shreeve lives in Portland, Oregon with his family. Reviews of The No Pants Project can be found on thenopantsproject.com.