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Michigan-Based Connect for Water Non-Profit Prepares to Send Thousands of Filters to Hurricane Dorian Survivors

Local organization partners to provide sustainable disaster relief solution to The Bahamas

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Connect for Water, a social impact nonprofit founded dedicated to helping people throughout the world address their safe water needs, has partnered with organizations like 20 Liters and the Red Cross to quickly deliver water filters to survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

The Grand Rapids-based organization hopes to initially deliver 1,000 water filters with a broader goal of distributing as many as 50,000. 

"We already have numerous donors, corporations and other nonprofits supporting us due to our immediate inventory, on-the-ground access and local distribution partners that will allow us to get these in people's hands as soon as this weekend," said Jereme Lambert, Executive Director of Connect for Water. "Our filters provide a sustainable, clean and safe solution to those who might not otherwise have access to consumable water."

Connect for Water has a history of providing aid amid natural disasters and delivered 150,000 water filters to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Filters are distributed with a sustainable mindset and the nonprofit establishes a local business supply chain in-country to help communities rebuild economically while providing relief.

For more information on Connect for Water and how to make a donation that will impact hurricane survivors, visit www.connectforwater.org.  

About Connect for Water
Connect for Water is a social impact not-for-profit founded on the belief that there is a clear path to help people throughout the world address their safe water needs. Connect for Water focuses on improving local access to water treatment solutions so local people can easily get what they need to improve their lives through clean water. Connect for Water was founded in partnership with Business Connect to provide people living in developing countries with affordable and easy access to sustainable clean water.

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