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Michigan millionaire is giving away $10K on Twitter in viral stunt

Megan Henney

Retweet Michigan millionaire Bill Pulte this weekend, and you could receive $10,000.

Pulte, the chief executive of Pulte Capital, said in a tweet on Saturday that he’ll shell out $10,000 to “someone random” who shares the message on their account. There are no capitulations, except that the individual must follow him online — so he can direct message the code if they win.

“I feel like being nice,” he said. 

Already, more than 42,000 people have retweeted the message.

It’s not the first time that Pulte, 31, went viral on Twitter, with a stunt to give out free money. Earlier in the month, he pledged to give away $100,000 by the end of the year to those in need, inspired, in part, by Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s plan to give away $1,000 to all Americans each month. If he gets more than 1 million followers, Pulte said he’ll up his giveaway total to $1 million.

Currently, he has more than 133,000 followers.

“I’m trying to basically create a movement,” he told Fox News’ Dana Perino. “Where we can take some of this old school money, some of this written rule you have to get through, and get it directly to people in need...The momentum is really building.”

Even President Trump has joined in on the offers. According to the  Detroit Free Press, Pulte offered to give $30,000 to a veteran in exchange for an Oval Office retweet. The president responded within a few hours: “THANK YOU BILL!”

"Twitter is so full of negative stuff these days, especially with the politicians, businessmen, political reporters all of this stuff," Pulte said in a video. "It is about time we finally have something positive on Twitter. This website is huge, why are we not using that?"


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