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Microsoft bot lets you create your own horrific celebrity combinations

Johnny Lieu

Bots have come a long way since SmarterChild amazed us with its coherent responses more than a decade ago. 

Nowadays you can play (an evil, vengeful) God — forging picture of celebrities, objects and animals together.

It's all thanks to an experimental Microsoft bot called Project Murphy, which lets you create Franken-celebs on the fly.

Murphy uses "the knowledge of Bing" to help visualise hypothetical "what if..." questions from users, according to Microsoft

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It's still pretty new, so it won't have all the answers to your messed up queries just yet, but the more people it interacts with, the smarter it gets a.k.a. machine learning. 

Fortunately, it hasn't gone full Nazi like another of Microsoft's A.I. bots, Tay, did earlier this year.

Instead, it does a disturbingly great job of forging people's faces together. Granted, it struggles a bit with animated characters from films in the early-2000s.



You can even forge people with animals, like in this portrait of acclaimed director Martin Scorcese who's been blended with a horse. 


You may have to get specific when it comes to naming objects. Just repeat the question if it doesn't get it the first time.



Eventually, Murphy will understand what you want. 

Image: project murphy

You can also use emoji to tell Murphy whether if you like or dislike the image it created for you, and whether you want to see another visualisation based off your query. You can even flag the image as "inappropriate."

Currently Murphy is available over messaging applications such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. It's also coming soon to Slack and Kik.

Have fun folks, but be careful what you wish for.

[h/t Gizmodo]

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