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Is Microsoft Developing a New OS?

Zacks Equity Research

Reportedly, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will soon be introducing a brand new computer programming language. This programming language, in turn, would be used to develop an operating system called “Midori” whose operations will not be similar to Windows in any way.

The new programming language is code-named “M#” as per reports and is an extension of C#. Midori represents a highly-dependable operating system in which the kernel, device drivers, and applications are all written in managed codes.

Managed code is a term coined by Microsoft to identify computer program source code that will execute only under the management of a Common Language Runtime virtual machine.

Midori is not compatible with the Windows apps that are already out on the market. However, it is likely that certain features of Midori could well be integrated into the next version of Windows, namely Windows 9.

Midori is reportedly designed to cater to the need for writing apps for cloud computing. However, Midori is not the only language to cater to cloud-computing. Google (GOOG) too created a new programming language called Golang (or Go) to develop apps for the cloud. Golang has proved to be an improved substitute for Oracle’s (ORCL) Java and Microsoft’s very own language .Net.

Microsoft is aiming to gain market share in cloud computing through its Azure cloud service. In this regard, we believe that a dedicated cloud operating system will boost Microsoft’s competitive position against the likes of Amazon (AMZN).  

However, the focus now remains on the growth trajectory of Windows 8. The company is still persuading developers to write more apps for Windows 8, which has failed to impress due to lack of user-friendly nature and has nothing new to offer.

In such a scenario, we believe that it is very unlikely for Microsoft to launch a full-fledged non-Windows operating system anytime in the near future.  

Currently, Microsoft has a Zacks Rank #4 (Sell).

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