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Microsoft's Next Version Of Windows, Windows Blue, Is Coming In June

Julie Bort
Julie Larson Green Microsoft Windows

Business Insider/Julie Bort

Microsoft's Julie Larson Green

We keep hearing about Microsoft's next version of Windows, code-named Windows Blue, which is expected to fix all the things people really hate about Windows 8.

We just learned from Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green , who leads Windows 8 development, that Windows Blue will be available to everyone at the end of June. She was speaking at the 2013 WIRED Business Conference in New York.

That's about the time Microsoft is holding its annual developers conference, Build, in San Francisco.

Sounds like instead of just talking about Windows Blue or releasing it to only to developers, Microsoft is prepared to let everyone upgrade to it.

Microsoft hasn't really discussed a lot of details on Blue and what kinds of changes will be included in it. A lot of info has leaked about it, as has some preview versions. So we know that it won't be a major overhaul, although it will includes some new features and many performance improvements.

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