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Midokura Bets on OpenStack, Joins OpenStack Foundation as a Corporate Sponsor

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2015) - Midokura, a global startup focused on network virtualization, today announced it has joined the OpenStack Foundation as a corporate sponsor. The move continues Midokura's dedicated work in supporting the open source and OpenStack communities. After open sourcing its MidoNet technology in Fall 2014, Midokura is now supporting the OpenStack Marketplace community with OpenStack and MidoNet training and pushing for adoption of a working group to create the OpenStack Foundation test certification standards and certification for developers.

"Midokura has been involved with the OpenStack project as an originator of the
OpenStack Quantum plug-in, which has since been renamed as Neutron. We have continued code contributions in every release since Bexar," said Adam Johnson, vice president of business, Midokura. "By doubling down on Midokura's commitment to OpenStack as a corporate sponsor, we look forward to further promoting the ideals behind the OpenStack Foundation, which align with our own."

As the OpenStack project now hits its five-year mark, nearly two-thirds of users recently surveyed by the OpenStack Foundation still have concerns about OpenStack Neutron. Midokura's disruptive MidoNet technology fulfills this need by replacing the default OVS plug-in from OpenStack deployments to offer a much more scalable and efficient networking solution for highly virtualized cloud environment. The result is that OpenStack users can easily support production-grade deployments to fulfill explosive enterprise demands -- all while benefiting from the freedom of open source by forgoing the need to lock in with a single private vendor.

In support of its partnership with the OpenStack Foundation, Midokura offers OpenStack and MidoNet training in the OpenStack Marketplace, with curriculum designed by committers to the OpenStack Neutron project. MidoNet boasts a vibrant, growing global community with contributors across three continents. Users can rely on near-instantaneous access to follow MidoNet contributors in various time zones and languages. To learn about open source MidoNet, visit: http://www.midokura.com/midonet/.

The latest major release of Midokura's enterprise technology, Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM), was launched last month. The technology continues to gain traction by customers and creates an intelligent, software-based network abstraction layer between the hosts and the physical network, by decoupling the IaaS cloud from the network hardware. Operators in turn can build isolated networks in software that overlays the existing hardware-based network infrastructure. Designed for distributed computing, MEM provides per-tenant network control so that operators can create and make changes to the virtual network without disturbing the physical infrastructure via the intuitive MidoNet Manager.

Supporting Quote
"The OpenStack community wants choices when it comes to scale-out networking. Midokura has demonstrated its commitment to the OpenStack community by delivering an open-source MidoNet option that users can consume in an open, collaborative model. We're excited about Midokura joining the Foundation as a corporate sponsor, and we look forward to working together to make the project stronger."
 -- Lauren Sell, vice president of marketing, OpenStack Foundation

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About Midokura
Founded in 2010, Midokura was an early global leader in network virtualization. The company's pedigree includes Amazon, Cisco, Google and VMware. With its Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM) solution, Midokura offers the industry a complete overlay technology that integrates with cloud platforms such as OpenStack. A contributor to the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) Project and member of the Open Daylight Project, Midokura has made the source code for MidoNet freely available at www.midonet.org, delivering the first truly open, vendor-agnostic network virtualization solution available for the OpenStack community.

Midokura has offices in San Francisco, Tokyo and Barcelona, and is on the web at www.midokura.com. Follow us on Twitter: @midokura

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