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Mike And Bren Announce The Release Of The IPAS2

CINCINNATI, OH / ACCESSWIRE / January 27, 2015 / Bren and Mike have announced the release of the IPAS2 and have stated that the system is a perfect marriage with the Kalatu blog system that is made available by Empower Network. The Internet Prospect Acceleration System (IPAS) 2 is an all-inclusive marketing tool being offered to individuals who are looking to build an online business, or to small businesses who are seeking a wider online audience. The goal of the system is to create a sustainable influx of revenue for your business by increasing traffic to your website and making your online company a success.

Currently, subscribers who sign up with the IPAS2 system are being granted access to the type of traffic source that is utilized by companies and individuals who are believed to be making 7 to 8 figures online. Meanwhile, a review of the IPAS2 system has been made available and Bren and Mike have said the following regarding the IPAS2 review and how the system can change your business:

"If you have had any interest at all in how to make money online, then the IPAS 2 System is what you are looking for. By reading this IPAS2 review you will learn the answer to what is IPAS2."

By carefully reading the IPAS2 review, consumers can gain more knowledge on the subjects of system, leverage, and automation. They can even get free access to the free bootcamp training mini-course for the product. The mini-course provides the fundamentals to understanding the basics of running a six figure online business, creating a blog, and encouraging traffic to a company's site. The marketing gurus Bren and Mike, have also offered the following statement on this new tool:

"In a world where amateurs run pitching hype, selling smoke and looking like total fools on webinars slaving away explaining 'facts and features and tactics'... that are dime a dozen on Google... the iPAS 2 system works intelligently to create the bonds that truly build empires. Don't get caught playing checkers on a chess board!"

This, and the IPAS 2 bonus being offered to new users make the latest system a perfect match for the Kalatu blogging system from Empower Network, and a convenient tool for anyone interested in generating more online traffic. The BONUS being offered by the team includes a team of coaches to guide users through the program, inclusion in Mike and Bren's inner circle, as well as mentorship.

The salient features of the system include easy setup, simple design, live chat within the sales process, coaches and trainers to take initiative without taking sales, a funded proposal system which pays 50-70% on front end sales, and real-time campaign tracking, among other incentives that online business owners miss out on when not utilizing the system.

For any questions or concerns regarding this press release or further information on IPAS2, please use the following contact information to get in touch:

Company Name: Bren and Mike
Contact Name: Mike Marko
Phone Number: 1 (513) 580-4598
E-mail Address: info@intendhomes.com

SOURCE: Bren and Mike