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Mike and Bren Review and Begin Work with the IPAS2 System

Cincinnati, OH / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2014 / Mike Marko and Bren Koger, founders of Mike and Bren, announced today they are working with the new IPAS2 system. IPAS2, which stands for Internet Prospecting Acceleration System, is a long awaited system which enables online business owners to attract people to invest in their business. Prior to its launch, the system has garnered quite a bit of attention; since its launch, online marketers have been increasingly pleased with its performance and potential.

IPAS2, created by marketers Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, eases marketing efforts by automating the process of attracting individuals to invest in a business. The system has shown success in providing personal coaching and support to marketing professionals, whether they're experienced or are just getting started. The IPAS2 system contains a variety of tools to increase user success, including methods of attracting potential customers and a dashboard for monitoring site traffic. The system is designed to allow users to market to others 24 hours a day, significantly increasing their exposure to potential clients. It is touted as an easy-to-use system that can start bringing in traffic for beginning marketers, or accelerate existing traffic for more experienced ones.

Mike and Bren provides mentoring and support for online marketers through the company's website. The company has completed a thorough IPAS2 system review, which has also been posted on the site. The review guides readers through an introduction to the IPAS2 system, describing its uses and functions, and gives a detailed description of the potential for success available to users of the system. In the company's IPAS2 review, it is clear that there is much for consumers to learn about Mike and Bren's work with the system, in addition to the increased income potential the system offers.

With a team familiar with various marketing methods, and understanding what does and does not work in the world of online marketing, Mike and Bren is a reliable resource for those seeking support, mentoring, or education regarding marketing. It appears that the IPAS2 has only increased their ability to build trust with, and deliver value to, the individuals they mentor.

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Founded by Mike Marko and Bren Koger, Mike and Bren is a provider of online marketing training and mentoring. The company provides guidance to both beginning and experienced online business owners, and specializes in assisting them in branding their online business through blogging, videos, and podcasting. The company offers a wide variety of information, training materials, and tools on their website. For more information, visit http://brenandmike.influxentrepreneur.info/


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