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Mike Hills Joins Atlas Real Estate Group's Executive Leadership Team as VP of Investment Brokerage

DENVER, April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlas Real Estate Group, a full-service realty group specializing in real estate investments, brokerage and property management, has promoted Mike Hills to VP of Investment Brokerage.

After graduating from The University of Denver, Mike began an entrepreneurial career that intersected with Atlas Co-founder and Partner Ryan Boykin, a friend and fellow University of Denver alumnus. Mike realized his belief in long-term buy and hold real estate was in perfect harmony with Atlas' principles.

Since 2013, Mike has been an integral member of the Atlas team. In his new role, Mike will lead and manage a replicable system to grow investment brokerage into new markets, beginning with Colorado Springs.

In March, Mike was named to the Top 100 Mile High Leaders list. Mike is also a frequent guest on talk radio programs, teaching listeners about real estate investment strategy and best practices.

"It is deeply gratifying to have helped so many clients achieve their financial goals through real estate," said Mike Hills. "I am excited and ready to bring Atlas' growing investment brokerage division to new people and markets, from Colorado Springs to other markets under consideration."

In 2015, Mike created Atlas' Real Estate Investment Hour (REIH), a monthly presentation and networking event teaching people how to build long-term wealth through real estate investment. Now a part of Atlas Investment Brokerage, it has helped first time home buyers find their perfect home, new investors start their own portfolio of rental properties and seasoned investors grow their portfolios with off-market deals.

"The Atlas team is genuinely grateful for all of Mike's contributions to both our clients and our organization," said Ryan Boykin, co-founder and partner of Atlas Real Estate Group. "With Mike's no-nonsense, results-oriented approach to business, along with his  genuine love of helping people, we're confident he's the ideal person to build the company's  investment brokerage."

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About Atlas Real Estate Group: Atlas is a full-service real estate group specializing in investments, brokerage and property management in Denver. The group's internal real estate holdings exceed $50 million and it has bought and sold more than 4,000 properties totaling over $750 million worth of transactions. Atlas manages more than 2,500 residential and commercial properties across Denver and surrounding areas. To learn more about Atlas, visit www.RealAtlas.com.


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