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Millennials willing to give up booze and sex for chance to travel the world

Millennials are willing to give up sex, booze and coffee for chance to travel.

Netflix, booze, coffee and sex. They're some of the Millennial's favorite things which young and mobile consumers are willing to give up if they were offered the chance to travel for six months for free. 

That's according to a survey from travel company Contiki, which polled their target market -- consumers aged 18-35 -- on the importance of travel in their lives. 

Spotted by Elite Daily, the results of the survey show that the easiest guilty pleasure which Millennials are willing to give up starts with their Netflix account, at 80 percent. 

That's followed by coffee (77 percent), booze (73 percent) and carbs (60 percent). Interestingly, more than half (57 percent) of the 1,500 US Millennials polled also said they'd be willing to forego sex for six months if given the chance to travel the world. 

In other findings, the survey also revealed how this demographic prepares for their holidays. 

More than half of respondents said they spend up to three hours looking up places to eat and stay while travel planning. 

A third of Millennials also spend up to four hours scrolling Instagram and watching YouTube videos for travel inspo. 

And half of respondents use crowdsourcing websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp to help them make their booking decisions.