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Millikin University and INCubatoredu announce partnership during Global Entrepreneurship Week

BARRINGTON, Ill., Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Millikin University's Tabor School of Business and INCubatoredu, a high school entrepreneurship program founded by Uncharted Learning NFP, have announced a partnership during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). GEW encourages young people to explore their creativity as self-starters and these goals are aligned with the experiential learning programs offered by these two entities. Millikin believes strongly in the INCubatoredu program and will begin offering innovative incentives to students who have successfully completed the program beginning in fall 2019.

The INCubatoredu program offers high school students an authentic and challenging opportunity to create and develop their own business. During the yearlong program, students identify a problem to solve, create a business model and test/iterate their results. At year-end, the students pitch their concept to business leaders in the community for potential funding to move their business forward. The INCubatoredu program is currently offered in over 120 high schools across the United States.

Likewise, Millikin University has made entrepreneurship a focus for all students. Not only does Millikin offer an Entrepreneurship major but they have established a Center for Entrepreneurship as a dedicated resource to inspire, connect and advance entrepreneurs. Twenty-seven percent of all Millikin students are involved in entrepreneurship coursework.

"We deeply respect what the INCubatoredu program is achieving at the high school level," Julie Shields said, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Millikin University. "We want to reward these hard-working young entrepreneurs by giving them college credit."

What makes this partnership innovative is twofold. Traditionally, universities offer college credit for high school courses with Advanced Placement (AP) status only. Testing was also required for course level placement. With this partnership, Millikin is offering college credit for all students who have successfully completed the INCubatoredu program, regardless of AP status, and designating all in-coming INCubatoredu students eligible to begin their entrepreneurial coursework at the sophomore level.

"We invite all INCubatoredu students to learn how Millikin is prepared and committed to provide students with every opportunity to succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits," Dr. Najiba Benabess said, Dean of the Tabor School of Business.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, we celebrate the partnership between Millikin and INCubatoredu and the innovation in educational opportunities that they bring to students as they pursue career and life skills.




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