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Not flashy but effective for Liquid offlane


MinD_ContRoL of Team Liquid: MinD_ControL didn't play an eye-catching series for Team Liquid against Evil Geniuses but it was enough for the Epicenter 2017 Championship. The Bulgarian offlaner finished with a KDA of 7/5/66.

MinD_ControL kicked off the series on his Dark Seer. He then gave Arteezy a lot of trouble as he denied him a good early game with his efficiency. MC again tried his luck with the Dark Seer in Game 2, but with EG's counter picks in Oracle for the early game, he could not have apply the pressure he wanted. His 24-minute Blink Dagger was too late for his team as EG take their lone win of the series. In Game 3, he was on the Bristleback and made sure Arteezy could not a moment of solitude as he took the fight to him early. He didn't die a single time and ended up with the game-high 21 assists. In the final game of the series, he was again on the Dark Seer. But since he wasn't countered he again wrecked havoc on EG from the early stages. He ended the game with an impressive 31 assists.