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This Mini-Doc Explains Why So Many Rappers Rhyme About Grey Poupon

Eric Skelton

"Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, this is pure luxury," Kanye West rapped on The Life of Pablo. "I give 'em Grey Poupon on a DJ Mustard."

It was a clever line, but as Vox's Estelle Caswell​ points out, not entirely original. In a new video essay, she outlines the wide-spread use of the dijon mustard in rap songs over the years. Since Das EFX first referenced it in their 1992 hit "East Coast," rappers including Big L, Twista, Busta Rhymes, OutKast, Mac Dre, E-40, and multiple members of the Wu-Tang Clan have rhymed about Grey Poupon.

Watch the clip above and check out a playlist that compiles all of the best moments in Grey Poupon hip-hop history below.

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