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Mini Unloads a Trio of Pint-Sized Campers

Jeff Perez

Alas, summer has almost come to an end, believe it or not. In only a few weeks the kids will be scrambling back to school, parents to work, and previously filled cruise ships back to port. But fret not, ye summer traveler, you might be able to sneak in one more Mini-vacation before all is said and done courtesy of, well, Mini.

Loading up the Countryman, Clubvan and Cooper hardtop, Mini dropped a trio of special edition campers for the adventurer in all of us. Whether it’s you and your honey on an extended stay-cation, or you need some alone time down by the lake. Mini’s got you covered.

Clubvan Camper


Based on the standard Clubvan coupe, the Camper comes with a full sleeping area for one (or a very snug two) in the rear, the cutest little kitchen area you ever will see, a glass-paneled roof for stargazing, and even, a hand-held shower head with a water tank underneath.

And on the top, boom! Load up a kayak, surfboard, paddle board, what have you, and you’re ready to hit the road in style.

Cowley Caravan


While the Clubvan may be all well and good for a quick trip to the beach, the Cowley Caravan steps in with a bit more junk in the trunk. A sleeping area for two, a twin-burner gas stove and a water tank that leads to the sink. It even sports a solar-powered 230-volt connection for any sort of in-home entertainment. All attached in the rear carriage, naturally.

Countryman ALL4 Camp


Now this is where things get fun. The hardiest (and arguably coolest looking) Mini in the lineup comes to us via the Countryman ALL4 camp. Rather than saving face for all sorts of creature comforts like a sink or a gas stove, the ALL4 drops a full-sized tent on top of a standard Countryman. That’s right, a tent.

So, with all-wheel drive capabilities, and fuel efficiency to boast, you can drive up a mountain ridge during the day and stop virtually anywhere to make camp for the night. Just pop up the ladder and make your way to the roof.

We love these hardy little Mini campers, only problem is, Mini still isn’t sure whether they’re going to be built or not. While the Clubvan is being tossed from the US market altogether, the Cooper and Countryman could leave some room for a little bit of outdoorsy fun.

C’mon Mini, do it. It’d be pretty cool.

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