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Miniature and Micro Spectrometers End-Users Needs, Market and Trends 2015-2021 - Research and Markets


Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Miniature and Micro Spectrometers: End-Users Needs, Market and Trends" report to their offering.

The Miniaturized spectrometers segment is growing faster than the overall molecular spectrometer systems market: the total molecular spectroscopy market will experience a 7% annual growth rate while the market of mini and micro spectrometers is expected to grow at a CAGR2015-2021 of 11%, to reach almost $ 300 M in 2021. This report from Tematys, specifically studies the market and the applications of miniature and micro spectrometers.

Miniature spectrometers, and then micro spectrometers, were developed to make available the use of spectrometers outside the laboratories i.e. at-line or in line for industrial use, on-field in agriculture or for environment applications, at the point of care for medical applications and even everywhere for consumer devices. Along with the size reduction, the adoption of devices based on compact spectrometers show a better ease-of-use, a lower cost and a shorter time-to-result.

However, to reach industrial and consumer markets, it is also critical to develop application-oriented products. The hardware is not the only important part of the system. There is a high value in data processing, data interpretation, Human Machine Interface, product design, etc. to provide relevant information to end-users in the right way, all the more as devices based on spectrometers are going to be used by non-spectroscopy experts.

A high part of the market value lies in this ability to adapt the technology to the function wished by end-users. The market is currently wondering how to undertake this adaptation effort, who is going to pay for it and who is going to catch the value.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Introduction

- Study Goals and Objectives

- Information Sources and Methodology

- Glossary

- Definitions

- List of Companies Mentioned in the report

2. Highlights of the report

3. Context and definition of mini and micro spectrometers

- From Photonics to the function

- Definition of miniature spectrometers and of microspectrometers

4. A dynamic market attracting new players

- Market data 2016

- Forecasts from 2017 to 2021

- Players: who will capture the value?

5. Strategies for miniaturization of spectrometers

- General presentation

- Dispersive spectroscopy

- Fourier Transform spectroscopy

- Fabry-Pérot Interferometer-based spectroscopy

- Emerging miniaturization Strategies

- Using Photonics Integrated Circuits

- Other approach

- From the spectrometer sub-system to the system

6. Applications trends of mini and micro spectrometers

- Current status: abundance of niche markets

- A well-identified industrial application: optical characterization

- Focus on the most promising applications: Pharmaceutics, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Environment Testing, Medical Point-of-care, Consumer

7. Appendices

Companies Mentioned

- Avantes

- B&W Tek

- Buchi

- Horiba

- Ocean Optics

- Stellarnet

- ThermoFisher

- Zeiss

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