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Minnesota mother suffers concussion after her Whirlpool washer explodes

Aris Folley, AOL.com

A Minnesota woman said she was knocked unconscious after her Whirpool Duet washing machine exploded.

Sara Van Beck was injured after she went to investigate a "high, howl, whistling noise" coming from her washing machine. Shortly after, she said the machine exploded during its spin cycle.

“From the force, I fell backwards and hit my head,” Van Beck told KARE News.

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“I got as far as the utility sink and it exploded, sending ball bearings and pieces at me,” she also wrote in a Facebook post. “My feet went out from under me and I dropped on our bench and cabinets hitting my head pretty hard.”

The mother of five said she suffered a concussion from the force of the explosion. She also said there were “ball bearings all over the room” and they hit her like “shrapnel,” the local outlet reported.

Van Beck said her dryer also caved in as a result of the incident.

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She added that she purchased the washer just three years ago and has not yet seen a recall for the model. She is just grateful that none of her kids were injured.

"It would have been deadly,” she said. “And that's what scares my husband and I the most.”

And after sharing her experience on social media, Van Beck has heard from other Facebook users across the country who have shared similar experiences.