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MIT Media Lab X ORS GROUP Chairman Urges Industry Leaders to Help Build a Better Future by Combining AI and Blockchain

MILAN, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Chairman Fabio Zoffi urges industry leaders to fight tech dystopia 

President and Executive Chairman of ORS GROUP Fabio Zoffi recently gave a presentation at the Blockchain in Action summit at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), urging participants to work together to create a better future through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology.

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ORS GROUP is a leading global supplier of cross-industry AI-based software solutions for optimising and automating business processes, now connected to Blockchain.

During the presentation, the serial entrepreneur noted advancements in AI and robotics have the power to create either a dystopian or utopian future in the next two to three decades. In the former scenario, technologies replace human jobs to the extent that a handful of very wealthy people control 90% of all assets, including fully automated plants and businesses.

In the latter outcome, the productivity gains of technology are shared among the population, as envisioned by renowned economist J.M. Keynes almost 100 years ago. "So we have a choice," said the visionaire. "The current generation will decide which future will prevail," Zoffi added.

To contribute constructing a better society through technologies, Zoffi advocated a return to a decentralised world by delivering to billions of small entrepreneurs a new digital alphabet consisting of AI, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ("ABC"). To make this vision a reality, the ORS GROUP Chairman introduced the concept of Hypersmart Contracts earlier this year, which intelligently connect Blockchain and AI. With the product, entrepreneurs can reach maximum efficiency within any value chain by optimizing the flows of goods and services, the flow of information and the one of payments, enabling them to successfully compete against major players in return.

"By empowering billions of people to become successful entrepreneurs thanks to the new digital alphabet, we will automatically create a better future and a more balanced society. Then a planetary network of decentralized (small) entrepreneurs - working together within a given value chain and coordinated through technologies - means billions of financially independent human beings, free in their mind and in their spirit," he added.

In concluding the presentation, Fabio said it is not enough to simply attend conferences to ensure technology is used to improve society. Rather, he called on his peers to act as Fighters in combating a dystopian future or Builders in developing a better one.

Zoffi encouraged his fellow speakers by saying, "Join us! I'd be very happy to talk to you about how we can help your business model become very competitive and create and empower 1 billion entrepreneurs by 2040 together."


Founded in Italy, now with global operations, the ORS GROUP is a leading software company delivering sophisticated AI-based optimization solutions. Their large international client base includes Fortune 2000 enterprises and spans industries like retail, energy, finance, telecom and manufacturing. For over 20 years the company has delivered proprietary software using AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics algorithms, saving their clients over US$1 billion yearly.

Their new product, the Hypersmart Contracts ("HSC"), aims to provide access to more than 1,000 unique algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community and to established businesses. At ORS, we envision a planetary network of entrepreneurs and independent companies empowered by the new digital alphabet: ABC - Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.