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Mizzou DE tweets he's blacking out 'local' media this season

Marcell Frazier had 8.5 sacks in 2016. (Getty)

Missouri defensive end Marcell Frazier doesn’t want to talk to “local” media outlets in 2017.

Frazier made the proclamation on his Twitter account Tuesday afternoon, saying that he’s not bound to talk to media because he’s an amateur.

While he didn’t reply directly to that tweet, his preceding tweets give an idea as to why he feels the need to not talk to “local” outlets, whatever the word local means. Though we’re guessing that if Frazier has a big season and ESPN wants to do a feature for College GameDay, he’ll be more than happy to cooperate.

Missouri basketball player and incoming freshman Jeremiah Tilmon was arrested on minor in possession charges Friday morning. Though a quick perusal of Missouri-based media didn’t find any excitement or exclamation points about his arrest. The excitement around Missouri basketball has been centered around the Tigers’ potential turnaround in 2017-18.

Frazier is a likely starter on Missouri’s defensive line and was second to teammate Charles Harris with 8.5 sacks in 2016. Harris was a first-round draft pick.

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While Frazier’s claims of a lack of obligation because he’s an amateur may seem noble in the era of athlete activism, they’re also misguided. Without getting into a debate about what athletes should be compensated, his scholarship is being paid for by donations to Missouri’s athletic department and revenue from the SEC. That revenue comes from media rights, and the media exposure helps fuel those donations.

Locking out media outlets closest to Columbia also seems a bit self-defeating, especially for a player on a football team that’s missed a bowl game the past two seasons. Frazier doesn’t have to make himself available to media 24/7, but going to the other extreme is, well, a tad extreme. Perhaps a someone from Missouri’s famed school of journalism can get in touch with Frazier and explain to him the benefits of a cordial relationship.

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