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Mobile Device Shopping Has Grown 21%: How Apps Are Cashing In On Holiday Shopping & Which Agencies Can Help

DesignRush discovered how mobile apps increase business revenue and uncovered the best app development agencies that can build highly-converting platforms.

NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Online shopping on mobile devices is continuing to grow in popularity. According to Adobe, smartphone traffic on Cyber Monday grew 21 percent from 2016 to 2017. Between 2015 and 2016, smartphone traffic increased by 41 percent.

In addition, a study by Forrester shows that mobile devices will be used to facilitate over $1 trillion in sales in 2018. This includes devices used to research, compare prices and products, and complete purchases.

Mobile applications are a successful way to foster great user experience, an uninterrupted brand interaction and increased eCommerce revenue. In fact, mobile applications are expected to generate $189 billion by 2020.

DesignRush.com, an agency directory and ranking site, discovered how brands can utilize mobile apps to improve online conversions – especially this holiday season – and the app design and development agencies who can create a successful mobile app for any brand.

3 Tips For Creating A Mobile App With A Strong Conversion Rate

1. Increase Mobile App Downloads

The first step to creating a highly-converting app is to ensure consumers are compelled to download it. To encourage downloads, try:

  • Making your app free – at least at the time of launch
  • Encourage current users to leave ratings and reviews
  • Ensure your app offers a clear value to customers

2. Make Your Branding Consistent On Your Mobile App

Creating a cohesive brand experience on every platform and medium will improve brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty. In addition, strong and consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23 percent. Create an app that features your logo and colors, and showcases your mission, products, services and approved messaging.

3. Invest In User Experience

52 percent of consumers say that a bad user experience decreases the likelihood that they will engage with a brand again. Therefore, the best mobile apps create custom-centric platforms. Ensure your application has intuitive navigation, big calls to action, and is ultimately easy to use.

"Mobile apps are an effective way to directly target consumers and encourage them to complete purchases without the distractions of the greater internet," says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. "When businesses make the app's value clear and ensure the platform is user-friendly, they'll see better brand recognition, consumer loyalty, and higher conversion rates."

To create a profitable mobile app, brands can hire a top-rated app design company. Professional app developers understand the latest design trends and strategies that are proven to improve mobile marketing and foster strong online conversions.

DesignRush rounded up the top app design companies who can create successful mobile apps that help brands grow. Some of the best app development firms include:

1. The Sneakers Agency
Too many brands struggle with creating technology. The Sneakers Agency framework helps brands clarify their digital strategy. Customers who work with us build better companies and bigger business opportunities.

Sneakers Agency is a full-service digital product development agency focused on helping brands launch and grow their businesses. Our core branding, product, and marketing services help brands at every stage of their journey not only survive, but thrive. Sneakers Agency has been trusted by 50+ brands since 2014 from start-ups, to enterprises, to non-profits, and partner agencies. We are located in Soho, NYC.

2. Reinvently

Reinvently builds extraordinary mobile products for enterprise and startup companies. Our consulting, design and development creates simply better mobile and IoT experiences.

3. Exaud

Exaud is an established software development and technical consultancy company providing custom software solutions in three key areas: Embedded systems and applications, Mobile Application Development, Wearables and Internet of Things. Our expertise is built on our experience in different sectors, such as automotive, computer vision, game controllers and digital consumer devices.

4. Attract Group

Attract Group helps businesses go digital and facilitates fast startups' emergence. Our web & mobile solutions assist in achieving your business goals.

5. Cubix

We are a full-lifecycle software development company expert in development, customization, and integration of complex enterprise software, business intelligence analytics, advanced mobile and web apps —any digital products and experiences that have a lasting impact.


ELEKS provides expert software engineering and consultancy services to help businesses adopt technology transformations. Big enterprises and technology challengers are among their clients.

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