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MobiVisits, a Leading Mobile DSP, Launches Self-Serve Supply Side Platform

The new platform removes dependency on account managers completely in order to manage & control traffic making it easier for DSPs/ advertisers get great results using mobile advertising

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2017 / MobiVisits, a robust mobile DSP, has announced the expansion of their services. The mobile advertising company launched a key programmatic landscape element SSP (Supply Side Platform), as a solution for publishers and DSP partners. The platform will act as an efficient marketplace for the clients where they can access exclusive inventory and quality traffic via a self-serve user interface. Thanks to the new platform, Publishers, Brands, Agencies and Media Buyers can now explore the power of technology effectively to get higher ROI and monetize their website traffic more efficiently.

To learn more about the MobiVisits Platform, please visit https://www.mobivisits.com/.

DSPs working with the mobile RTB company will also now be able to manage their advertising space inventory and monetize their traffic.

"Our one of kind, self-serve UI helps both the demand side platform and us as supply side platform save resources and bandwidth by providing traffic targeting options. The SSP provides exciting new opportunities for our publishers to sell their inventory to a huge pool of brands, agencies and media buyers. For our DSP partners, they will be able to control the flow of traffic (QPS) according to their specific targetings like Country, Carrier, Operating System, Ad Format and others. You no more need to wait for your account manager to change traffic settings." said Apoorv Soni, Director of MobiVisits.

With its user-centric approach and above par technology, MobiVisits Supply Side Platform is a rational step taken by the company to simplify the supply side of the process. The SSP will help publishers to raise more demand for their inventory, increasing its value in the process through real time bidding (RTB). Also, publishers can now sell the inventory that human sales teams have failed to sale by bringing unsold inventory to many ad exchange markets at one place. Granular reports and targeting options will help the white label DSP to work better in an open market. Currently, MobiVisits SSP is integrated with the best players in the industry that includes 25 major mobile ad exchanges and ad networks. The better connectivity ensures staunch ad serving capability across a global array of publishers.

About MobiVisits:

MobiVisits is a leading Mobile Ad-tech company that helps advertisers and publishers get great results from mobile traffic. MobiVisits is distinguished by its transparency and passion for serving quality mobile inventory. They combine proprietary technology, data-driven approach, and human expertise to provide tailored solutions for brands, agencies, publishers, affiliate marketers, performance-driven media buyers and media managers on one integrated platform. Follow MobiVisits on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mobivisitsdsp and get in touch on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/mobivisits. For more information, please visit http://www.mobivisits.com.


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