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Mogul founder: 'We are all about enabling women all around the world'

Mogul is a rapidly growing social enterprise system that reaches women across 196 countries, providing women with information, networking access, economic opportunities and education.

“We are all about enabling women all around the world,” said Tiffany Pham. That’s the motto for Pham’s business Mogul.

The nexus for Mogul was Pham’s grandmother, who passed away when she was 14-years-old. Pham told Yahoo Finance her greatest inspiration was always her grandmother. When she died, Pham made a promise to her family and herself. “I wanted to do everything in my power to create a company that would make a change in the world,” she said.

At 27-years-old she set those dreams in motion. Pham claims she didn’t sleep for the first 19 months after starting Mogul. She was faced with three main obstacles. “I had three strikes against me: [being a] woman, a minority, and being young. Walking into a room where everyone looks different than you can be pretty intimidating,” she told Yahoo Finance.

Tiffany Pham had sleepless nights after creating Mogul. yfinance:segment=Women and Money

The statistics back her up. According to the Kapor Center and Catalyst.org, women held only 20% of the leadership roles in the tech workforce in 2015.  But Pham was persistent, and overcame biases through, as she said, her use of highlighting hard data and market demand for her female-focused product in pitch meetings.

One of the first people to green-light an initial investment in Mogul was one of the founders of Match.com and Gary Vanyerchuk, a well-known entrepreneur and CEO of VaynerMedia, quickly followed. “I still remember Gary’s words ‘you’re a winner, Mogul’s a winner, I’m in’,” Pham said.

Mogul, who was a Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2014, has become one of the fastest-growing women’s platforms. It now reaches more than 18 million women daily. But for Pham, what makes Mogul special,  for every dollar Mogul earns, it promises to provide free educational services to a woman in need.