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Mom writes inspiring post about her '4th trimester' mom bod

Mom Kaci Dean’s inspirational post. (Photo: Facebook/Heart & Bloom Birth And Lactation Services)

If you think pregnancy is limited to three trimesters, you’ve never had a baby. Yes, the prefix tri denotes “three,” but there is much more to childbirth then those three parts. “The fourth trimester is this crazy time when your body is healing from this amazing feat, growing and birthing life, and your baby is adjusting to its new life outside of you,” Kaci Dean, doula and owner of Mississippi-based Heart and Bloom Birth and Lactation Services, explains to Yahoo Beauty about the unofficial term she used in a recent Facebook post.

“Your hormones are wacky, your body is squishy, your breasts are leaking, you sweat like a dog. It’s kinda the worst but it’s actually my favorite time of birth. There’s so much newness. I feel like the fourth trimester is your entire life during this period. It’s not a set amount of weeks or days, it’s just this interim period where you’re developing a new facet of yourself. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, and it can be really hard to love yourself in this space, especially if postpartum mood disorders are at play. It’s the time when a new mom — whether it’s her first or 10th baby — needs to be surrounded with love and support and hands-on help.”

It’s a complex time, that’s clear. But the photo Dean shared on her company’s Facebook page Wednesday perfectly illustrated it.

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