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Mom’s Reaction to a Stranger’s Baby Crying on a Plane Goes Viral

“Toddlers are dramatic that’s nothing new.” (Photo: Kesha Shonet/Facebook)

Kesha Shonet seated herself on a packed plane in Seattle and waited for takeoff. The mom of two was looking forward to a kid-free holiday, when all of a sudden she heard a toddler having a “full-blown meltdown” over having to wear a seat belt.

“Toddlers are dramatic that’s nothing new,” Shonet wrote in a Facebook post. “No problem. I have mom powers and totally ignore it,” she wrote of the noise. 

But there was one thing she couldn’t ignore.

“I hear a woman complaining to this mother, who’s alone with 2 crying kids, that her child needs to stop kicking her seat. Then I hear the mother say, ‘She’s three I can’t believe you just did that.’ Apparently the lady reached behind her and grabbed the child’s leg,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, other nearby passengers were muttering and shaming the mom’s “discipline techniques” while the flight attendant simply “[stood] there listening.”

The mom struggled with the crying children for 15 minutes without anyone offering help, so Shonet decided to step in.

“I couldn’t take letting this mother drown back there — and let me tell you she’s being so calm!” she wrote. “I get up out of my seat, go a few rows back and go ask her if she needs help; she immediately handed me her baby.”

Shonet cradled the baby as she sat down for takeoff. Thankfully, the crying stopped, and the infant even started to fall asleep in her arms.

Shonet’s Facebook post quickly went viral, receiving over 91,000 reactions and thousands of supportive comments.

“I was that mom years ago with two crying babies,” wrote one women. “I know you didn’t do it to receive any recognition but you should be commended for helping her. You may have just saved a fellow mom from an emotional breakdown.”

“Whoever you are kind mommy, you are my hero of the day!” wrote another.

Shonet ended her post with a reminder to be considerate of others, as you never know what they may be going through.

“If someone needs help, for God’s sake help them. Complaining and mumbling doesn’t do a thing except make the person that needs help feel worse,” she wrote. “How can we ignore a human in distress? Please be kind. Please be considerate. Help one another. It makes everything easier. I promise you won’t die.”

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