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Monarch Blockchain Corporation: The Amazing Crypto Company You Haven’t Heard Of

While billions of dollars have been raised with cryptocurrencycompanies in hopes of developing working technologies, MonarchBlockchain Corporation is setting new standards and leading thecryptocurrency and blockchain industry in a positive direction.

RENO, NV / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2019 / 2017 & 2018 saw a considerable uptick in the creation and fundraising of cryptocurrency start-ups. According to ICOBench.com, 970 ICOs ended in 2017 while only 413 of those raised funds and in 2018, 2517 ICOs ended with only 1012 of them raising funds. While there were 1505 that raised no funds during that time, one crypto startup called "EOS" became the biggest ICO to date raising $4.1 billion. The amazing thing with this was they had no working product at the close of their ICO. Coinschedule.com reports other top ICOs in 2018 were Telegram ICO which raised $1.7 billion and Petro, the first official government-backed cryptocurrency started by the Venezuelan government which raised $735 million.

Enter Monarch Blockchain Corporation. They stand out from most other companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as they aren't an ICO. They are a mostly self-funded Crypto start-up who already have a working product and happen to be holding a Token Generation Event which lasts until June 30th, 2019.

With over 200,000+ downloads already, Its decentralized universal crypto wallet supports over 1,800 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM) and All ERC20 tokens! Monarch has also gained multiple partnerships and supports many of the tokens with Genesis Vision (GVT), Swarm (SWM), Ink Protocol (XNK), Sapien (SPN), Listia (XNK), Polymath(POLY), BitBay, GoChain (GO), Coinvest (COIN), Bancor, Dispatch, Scottsdale Mint and many more to be announced shortly. Their partnerships should end up giving The Monarch Wallet roughly 10 million potential users once all contracts are executed.

On top of having what is deemed by many to be the best universal decentralized cryptocurrency wallet to date, Monarch continues adding more flexibility, streamlining, making their wallet more seamless, while adding more capabilities for their users. All of this while also ensuring users of the Monarch Wallet own their private keys, contrary to how most wallets and exchanges work. To put it simply, the Monarch Wallet now has the functionality of a decentralized universal crypto wallet while also being similar to Fiat gateway exchange service giants like Coinbase.

Monarch has also released MonarchPay, a unique payment solution that allows both businesses and consumers the ability to accept Bitcoin & Ethereum and get paid in U.S. Dollars. Monarch Pay only charges a 2% transaction fee for each Crypto-to-USD transaction and is also developing a CMS plug-in for easy integration for online commerce. Monarch beats many other services with competitive pricing and the transactions process in seconds to help protect users from volatility, fraud, and chargebacks. They are also developing and hold a provisional patent on is multi-signature wallet leasing which is a process for sending recurring blockchain payments in a decentralized manner.

Monarch has acquired a Broker-Dealer License in the United States with an application for a BitLicense which has been submitted. Being a Broker-Dealer allows Monarch to receive a commission on funds raised for ICOs/STOs including their own STO. Monarch is also FINRA- and SEC compliant. This bridges the gap between investors and ICOs/STOs in the future regulatory environment and allows Monarch to potentially develop a launch platform for STO's in the future.

Now to discuss Monarch's Tokenomics model; First, they are different from most crypto startups as they utilize a 2 token structure with the Monarch Security Token (MTS) and Monarch Utility Token (MT). Monarch Security Tokens for accredited investors, where and when legal, have a total supply of 500 million tokens, and a total of fifty percent of the revenue generated from transaction fees through Monarch pay will then get paid as dividends to MTS holders via Monarch's hot wallet. MT is the medium for Monarch Security Token dividend distribution, and Monarch utility tokens will be paid to MTS holders on a weekly basis.

During the Token Generation Event, Ten percent of all Token Generation funds raised will be used to buy physical silver from Scottsdale Mint. Also, Ten percent of all revenue generated from transaction fees of Monarch Pay services will continuously be used to purchase silver until every security token is backed by 1 oz of physical silver to help ensure a price floor and stabilize against potential volatility. However, Security Tokens are limited to Accredited Investors Only. Monarch Utility Tokens have a total supply of 1 Billion tokens. Those who own utility tokens will get a 50% discount on all transaction fees using Monarch Pay similar to how Binance Coin Works with the Binance Exchange. Monarch Utility Tokens will also airdrop at a ratio of 1-to-1 for Security token holders at the end of their Token Generation Event.

One thing people may not realize about Monarch Blockchain Corporation is they have a substantial organic following. On YouTube, Crypto Beadles has over 70,000 subscribers and almost 13 million views. CryptoSomniac has over 27,000 subscribers and over 1.3 million views. This gives Monarch the ability to drive awareness through these channels but also gives them the ability to BETA test with a real audience because many follow and trust them. This leads to faster development while getting direct feedback fast, helping to enhance and improve the user experience and add more functionality users request. Ultimately this allows Monarch to develop what the market is wanting, helping prioritize development to ensure faster growth and adoption.

As one can see, Monarch is doing a lot, and they've already accomplished much more than many other cryptocurrency and blockchain companies who've raised hundreds of millions, and some even billions. They've yet to spend a single ether of investor funds, having been mostly self-funded by Co-founder Robert Beadles and CEO Sneh Bhat. Having a small but efficient decentralized team of people who are experienced in producing and bringing products and services to market, with industry setting standard products like the Monarch Wallet, and Monarch Pay; regulatory licenses, and all the proper support, Monarch looks to be leading the blockchain start-up industry in a positive direction.

To learn more about Monarch, visit their website Here.

Contact Info:
Name: William Lince
Organization: Monarch Blockchain Corporation
Address: 401 Ryland St. STE 200-A, Reno, Nevada 89502, United States
Website: https://monarchtoken.io/

SOURCE: Monarch Blockchain Corporation

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