MoneyGuidePro Launches Executive Summary as Part of Goal-Based Financial Planning Software

New Feature Highlights Revenue-Generating Opportunities

POWHATAN, VA--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) - MoneyGuidePro, the originator and leader in goal-focused financial planning, has today announced the launch of Executive Summary, an interactive tool in MoneyGuidePro that allows advisors to automate the review of ongoing actions related to a financial plan. Executive Summary will aid advisors in more deeply engaging their clients around plan actions. Investors will benefit from a consolidated view of their specific next steps in the financial planning process.

Executive Summary allows advisors to create and highlight specific action items that they and their clients must take in order to reach the goals set out in the financial plan. Action items can be selected from a list of pre-determined tasks, such as decreasing cash exposure, increasing 401(k) contribution, purchasing additional insurance, refinancing a mortgage, updating an estate plan, or input manually, all of which helps to enhance the advisory experience. Action items can have a status and completion date based on a household view of the plan.

Executive Summary also helps advisors to identify additional revenue opportunities by facilitating dialogue related to actions to be taken on the plan. Investors are able to access Executive Summary in a view-only format via their MoneyGuidePro Snapshot, allowing them to see what items they must complete as well as their status. Executive Summary can be accessed through any device with a browser.

Bob Curtis, President and CEO of MoneyGuidePro, said, "Executive Summary provides a seamless transition from plan to implementation. For each recommendation within the financial plan, Executive Summary creates a specific action item and allows the advisor to assign responsibility and a timeframe for its completion. For the client, Executive Summary makes it clear that the plan is not done until implementation is complete. For the advisor, Executive Summary identifies revenue opportunities that are the natural outcome of a well-crafted financial plan."

Curtis continued, "It is important that both clients and advisors understand that a financial plan is only valuable if its recommendations are implemented. Executive Summary leads to more complete implementation and, therefore, a better planning result -- for the client and advisor."

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