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MoneyNing.com Celebrates Nine Years Online Educating Readers on Personal Finance

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2016 / Since the summer of 2007, financial information site MoneyNing.com has been providing information on topics related to personal finances, with an emphasis on encouraging frugal lifestyles and responsible money management.

Founder David Ning is not a financial planner, nor does he intend to become one. His goal is quite different. "People struggle with money unnecessarily because they don't understand the basic principles of managing their finances. MoneyNing.com is a resource that gives them the information they need, in a way that is both easy to read and simple to use," says Ning.

The site is set up with articles addressing four main categories: Frugal Living, Investing 101, Money Management, and Beyond Money. The latter collection of blogs refers to the concept that money isn't everything, and seeks to help people free up their thinking on that and other life concerns, including how mindset is often more of a problem than the actual financial situation.

"Frugal Living" posts provide common sense advice that may seem obvious to some, but many people just don't think about. For instance, normal things like unused gym memberships and unread magazine subscriptions each take a small toll on the family budget, and when they all add up, can become an invisible drain. MoneyNing focuses on simple do-it-now solutions, like canceling subscriptions or using online coupons to get the best deals. There is also a lot of emphasis on cutting down ongoing expenses, such as cutting monthly bills for internet and TV cable access by finding deals like a Verizon promotion code for its Internet service that gets users a discounted rate every month for the contract period.

Readers won't find any hard-sell investment advice on the site; rather, the "Investing 101" collection offers more general advice on how to understand the market, why investing in the stock market is not a mistake, and other fundamentals. Money Management articles on the site address a variety of topics from taking out loans to modeling good financial behavior for kids.

Much of the content on MoneyNing.com is equally applicable to college students, who are just starting to be in charge of their own money and bill paying; and retirees, who have done it for years, but are now dealing with different circumstances. There's useful information for those in between as well, including information on refinancing student loans, and exercises that will make students more aware of how much they are spending, and how they could redirect that money to something they care more about.

It is becoming popular to take a holistic approach to nutrition and healthcare. The information on MoneyNing.com applies the same principles to personal finance. After nine years online, Moneyning.com is just as relevant as it was in the beginning. It may surprise readers how much of Ning's advice during the recession still applies today, and just how much an individual's mindset has to do with their financial situation.

About MoneyNing.com:

MoneyNing.com founder, David Ning, is a former IT manager and entrepreneur who promises to make the path to financial independence "fun, entertaining, and informative." Ning's approach encourages people to take control of their finances, become debt free, and build wealth over time. Visit MoneyNing.com for moneysaving tips, financial education, and guidance on changing one's money mindset.

Contact MoneyNing (Astute Actions Inc.):

David Ning
113 Weathervane Irvine, CA 92603

SOURCE: MoneyNing.com