Moomoo SG Unveils Its 2023 Retail Investment Outlook

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  • Retail investors are planning to capitalise on the global economic slowdown to boost their positions by increasing their trades for potentially better gains and better returns.

SINGAPORE, Feb. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd.  (moomoo SG) today reveals the findings of its 2023 Retail Investment Outlook. The survey, which studied 1,605 Singaporean retail investors' investing strategies and preferences, also unveils bright spots in technology, energy and finance.

According to the survey findings, 91% of retail investors anticipate a recession in the next 12 months. The majority of investors also predict that a recession will impact earnings and are prepared to ride out the storm. Yet, 60% are optimistic that they will be able to meet their investment goals for 2023, indicating that they are looking to invest for the long term.

Says Gavin Chia, Managing Director, moomoo SG: "The findings from our 2023 Investment Outlook show that investors are displaying grit and confidence in riding out short-term economic impacts. Investors can now take a more measured approach to weathering the impact of an economic storm, thanks to the wealth of investing information that are readily available even through our super app, investors' moo community hub and in-app learning courses."

Furthermore, the findings of moomoo's 2023 Global User Survey report unveil that approximately 76% of global retail investors across Singapore, the United States and Australia are looking to buy on dips to position for the next upward cycle. 84% are also looking to allocate more funds to their trading accounts. The survey findings underpin the importance of having tech-driven product functions like stock screener, line map, earnings calendar and paper trading, which help investors make wise trading decisions.

Retail investors' priorities, trends and concerns   

  • Investors are taking a long-term approach to their investments

According to the 2023 Retail Investment Outlook survey findings, 66% of investors are looking to trade more for better gains and returns. Although global growth is expected to slow to 2.9%[1], investors are planning to increase their investments, with 81% of respondents intending to allocate more funds to their trading accounts. These results reflect the sentiment that investors are looking at long-term wealth creation than short-term gains.

Furthermore, investors who actively invest shared that they are better prepared to ride out the impact of inflation, with 40% saying that inflation is manageable and does not pose a huge problem for them. Only 2% of investors indicated that inflation is not a concern. In contrast, 23% shared that inflation will pose "a huge problem". Our findings also reveal that investors leverage our super app's tools and functions to improve their trades for potentially better gains and returns.

  • Technology, energy and materials sectors are viewed as areas of growth

In terms of growth stocks, 471 (29%) and 377 (24%) Singapore retail investors view the technology and energy/materials sectors, respectively, as areas positioned for growth. Investors are also expecting to see stocks in these sectors outperform market expectations. This sentiment reflects the global trends in Environmental, Social and Governance, with core investing themes focusing on net-zero emissions, inclusion, as well as data scarcity.

  • Investors' choice: Top five picks for 2022

As part of the survey, moomoo also uncovered retail investors' preferred – and most traded – stocks for the last financial year. Investors also shared their preferences for selecting these stocks, with "tripling their income", "achieving financial freedom" and "doubling one's monies" as rationales for performing trades.

According to our trading data, the top five preferred stocks are:

             o   Futu Holdings (Nasdaq: FUTU)
               o   HSBC Holdings (0005.HK)
               o   Singapore Airlines (C6L.SG)
               o   Pro Shares Ultra Short (Nasdaq: SQQQ)
               o   Pinduoduo US (Nasdaq: PDD)

  • Meme stocks are not expected to make a comeback

According to the survey, 56% of retail investors – that is 892 of moomoo SG's respondents – are not expecting to see the meme stocks-craze making a comeback in 2023. This sentiment indicates investors' confidence in companies with strong corporate footprints and a preference for innovations over social media trends.

About Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Based in Singapore, Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. (moomoo SG), a subsidiary of the Tencent-backed and Nasdaq-listed Futu Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: FUTU), is a next-generation digital brokerage that provides on-the-go trading and wealth management services via its investment super-app, moomoo. moomoo SG strikes a balance between offering a user-friendly, digital-first interface and advanced tech-driven product features to offer investors an enhanced investing experience.

moomoo SG's mission is to provide investors with an intuitive and powerful investing platform by using technology to meet the market's unmet needs. moomoo SG aims to become an influential financial services platform globally, by prioritising users and user experience, driving high innovation across its product upgrade, and enriching products and services offering that meet the evolving needs of investors, companies, and the industry.

moomoo SG is a capital markets services licence holder regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence No. CMS101000). In June 2022, moomoo SG became the first digital broker to receive all five memberships from the SGX Group for the securities and derivatives markets.


  1., World Economic Outlook, accessed 6 February 2022; to access click link.

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