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Moovweb 5 Enables Companies to Personalize Web and Mobile Experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - April 21, 2014) - Moovweb today announced the immediate availability of the latest version of its cloud-based platform for multi-device development and delivery. Moovweb 5 is the premier solution for enterprises to go responsive and personalize and improve upon those responsive experiences.

"The Moovweb platform allowed us to unify desktop and mobile in an approach that drives faster delivery," stated Brian Frank, vice president of business development for AC Lens. "The new features in Moovweb 5 give us the ability to try out new experiences quickly and economically, which will directly translate into competitive advantage."

According to Forrester Research, by 2017 nearly 3 billion people globally will use smartphones and tablets. Firms will spend $130 billion annually to engineer platforms and processes for mobile engagement. Moovweb 5 addresses this opportunity and enables companies not only to unify their desktop, mobile and app development, but also to deliver fully responsive experiences across all digital endpoints without rewriting their existing sites. By leveraging existing business logic, data, content and integrations, businesses can get to market dramatically faster with higher performing mobile sites and apps that deliver better business results.

The future of all interfaces, and business itself, is personalization around a user's context, for example mobile vs. desktop, male vs. female, loyal customer vs. new prospect. Moovweb 5 enables any business to manage that complexity and harness the power of context across their websites and apps. "A 'responsive' platform must allow companies to understand and respond to these deeper aspects of a user's context, not only screen size," said Ajay Kapur, CEO and founder of Moovweb.

Moovweb 5 is the first web platform to provide 'layered' front-end development, an approach that allows companies to organize front-end experiences as thin layers that inherit functionality from other layers. These layers enable a company to create, for example, a unique user experience (UX) for a first-time, female, iPhone iOS7 visitor. Managing personalized user experiences is complex and difficult using existing web application platforms. Moovweb 5 solves these challenges by providing a clean, simple way to design, deliver and manage these personalized, responsive experiences. With Moovweb, companies can respond more deeply to individual user context, device, and use case than possible through today's single-tier web infrastructure while delivering in record time by leveraging existing business logic.

"Consumers want easy-to-use, engaging mobile experiences," said Mr. Kapur. "Companies that can most quickly learn from and improve upon these experiences end up winning in their markets. The kind of iteration that used to take months now just takes days with Moovweb 5."

In 2013, Moovweb became the leading enterprise platform for leveraging existing web assets to deliver high performance experiences to mobile endpoints. Moovweb 5 is the latest release of this platform that adds the following major capabilities:

  • Layers Enable Highly Tailored Parallel Experiences
    Use industry best practices to quickly manage and iterate on front-end experiences

    Using Moovweb 5's new Layers feature, companies can design any number of variations on mobile experiences, each tailored to a specific audience and need. Each Layer inherits from a shared base, so it's easy to experiment with new designs or features, all without rebuilding business logic or interfaces from scratch. This approach speeds up development and maximizes the use of engineering time and talent.

  • UX Modes Allow Quick Iteration and Learning
    Test and measure with complete, alternate user experience modes

    The faster an organization can learn how their customers and partners use mobile or tablet experiences, the faster they can iterate and improve critical paths. Moovweb 5 Modes empower companies to compare the results of a new UX with their current production UX, and iterate on them effortlessly. For example, a company could use Moovweb to test three different retail home pages against three different customer segments, or allocate pre-selected traffic samples to each UX to understand which performs best.

  • Real Device Detection Delivers Highly Targeted Experiences
    A cloud-based analysis of the targeted device instantly lets Moovweb optimize and customize the user experience

    When a mobile device requests an app or web page from the Moovweb platform, the experience can be tailored to that specific device's properties, including screen size and density, geo-location, language, UX version, and a wide range of custom parameters defined by the customer, such as loyalty or demographics. Moovweb 5 replaces the decades-old methodology of user agent sniffing that is still in service on many mobile platforms -- an outdated approach that can only generally detect major types of phones, and offers no way to determine their individual capabilities.

  • Advanced Performance Optimization
    Up to 50% speed increases in mobile web and app experiences

    According to industry studies from Akamai and others, 79% of mobile users avoid shopping at sites they consider slow. Faster performance translates to more conversions, more sales, and more attention, all from content already on existing web pages. Moovweb 5 accelerates mobile experiences with advanced features, including full or partial page caching, JavaScript concatenation & deferral, code minimization, image caching, and device-specific image resizing and conversion (including to Android/WebP).

About Moovweb:
Moovweb is a cloud-based platform that empowers organizations to leverage their existing web investments to deliver fully responsive experiences in a fraction of the time it would take to rewrite their site. Moovweb customers are able to personalize and improve upon those responsive experiences in just days. The results are dramatically better business results, lower cost of ownership and accelerated digital agility. The Moovweb platform is one of the world's most secure and powerful, handling more than 25 billion mobile page requests this year for many of the world's largest mobile sites and apps, including Accenture, Cox Communications, Macy's, GNC, Campbell's, Fairmont Hotels, Sur la Table, Chico's, Sharpie and dozens of others. Moovweb is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York and London.

Moovweb® is a registered trademark of Moov Corporation. All other registered and unregistered trademarks in this document are the sole property of their respective owners.