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More than 19,000 People Successfully Exited Out of Their Unwanted Timeshares

People are auctioning off their timeshares on eBay for a dollar or less out of desperation

Since 2012, Timeshare Exit Team has helped consumers say goodbye to their undesirable timeshares, despite the industry's attempt to halt the exit company's efforts

BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Timeshare Exit Team is announcing that is has successfully assisted more than 19,000 consumers by helping them get out of their timeshares. As the leading voice in the timeshare exit company story in the U.S., Timeshare Exit Team continues to go to battle for angry and frustrated consumers at a rapid pace.  

Key figures on Timeshare Exit Team's fight for consumers include:

  • On average, nearly 4,000 timeshare owners contact the company each month seeking help getting out of their ownership because they have not been successful on their own.
  • More than 180,000 timeshare owners have contacted Timeshare Exit Team seeking relief from oppressive contracts.

"The timeshare industry has been doing everything in its power to make the process of exiting a timeshare as long, costly and difficult as possible for the millions of timeshare owners who want out of their contracts, but we're not going to stop fighting," said Brandon Reed, CEO of Timeshare Exit Team. "We exist solely because timeshare ownership has been a disaster for so many people for so long, and we're not going to quit fighting until things have changed. We're advocating for the rights of the consumer and we want the industry to start taking care of their customers."

As a timeshare owner, Reed founded Timeshare Exit Team after becoming a single parent, when he could no longer use or afford the rising expenses of his timeshare. After extensive searching and attempts to get out of his timeshare he realized there was no clear and legitimate way that would end it. He realized there was a need for a service that could help people safely and effectively get out of their unwanted timeshare.  

"I decided to create Timeshare Exit Team because I was personally a victim of the timeshare industry's deceptive actions and I believe that no one should be stuck in a timeshare forever," said Reed. "Despite the timeshare industry's efforts to try to turn the story around, painting exit companies as the villain, we're not going to stop. The barrage of spin, deflection, and deception that timeshare developers are putting out there is ridiculous. It is time the timeshare industry looks at itself and changes for the better. The number of people who want out of their timeshare speaks for itself."

With 9.6 million households owning one or more timeshares and timeshare developers bringing in $10.2 billion in 2018, they still manage to escape significant regulation. Hundreds of timeshares are listed on eBay for as little as a penny by people (see here) desperate to escape the financial burden of their timeshare, including maintenance fees which average $1,000 a year.

For more information on Timeshare Exit Team, please visit: https://timeshareexitteam.com.

About Timeshare Exit Team
Timeshare Exit Team is the industry leader in helping people exit their unwanted timeshares. Understanding this hardship, Timeshare Exit Team started in 2012 with one goal in mind: help consumers find financial and emotional freedom from their timeshare situation. To date, they have helped more than 19,000 timeshare owners exit their timeshare contracts. For more information, please visit https://timeshareexitteam.com.


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