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More Than 500 Sears Employees Dressed Up As Superman To Break A World Record

Kirsten Acuna

566 Sears employees descended upon Chicago dressed up as the "Man of Steel" today to break a Guinness World Record.  

The gathering, which took place at the Sears Holding Place, broke the Guinness World Record for the most people dressed in one place as Superman.

The event is one of 100 marketing tie-ins ahead of the "Man of Steel" release June 14.

In case you're wondering, the current record for a group of people dressed up as Superman was previously 437. 

Here are a few Tweets and Vines from the event.

Sea of Supermen making videos for morning news shows #MANOFSTEEL #ThisIsSuper vine.co/v/b3VlIiJEJAn

— Grace Sweeney (@grace_sweeney) June 5, 2013

FYI: They're all shouting "This is something super."

Breaking Guinness record most people dressed as superman #sears #thisissuper twitter.com/TheSnarkyBunny…

— TheSnarkyBunny (@TheSnarkyBunny) June 5, 2013

Sears breaking world records. #thisissuper twitter.com/K_yl3D/status/…

— Kyle DeSantis (@K_yl3D) June 5, 2013

Lining up to break the record #thisissuper #sears @sears twitter.com/sorenthompson/…

— Soren Thompson (@sorenthompson) June 5, 2013

Here they are all together.

@sears is in the #MANOFSTEEL movie and set a new World Record today of 566 people dressed as Superman! #ThisIsSuper twitter.com/amberkielb/sta…

— Amber Kielb (@amberkielb) June 5, 2013

Here are two photos from the event showing the sea of blue and red:

superman sears June 2013

Ross Dettman/AP Images for Sears

This second photo looks like a "Where's Waldo" photo.

superman sears June 2013

Ross Dettman/AP Images for Sears

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