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More Dash, Less Cash

Derryn Wong
CarBuyer Singapore

Peekaboo, I boost you. (Credit: CB224)


COE prices have come down in recent weeks, but they're still rather high. So what's an avid petrolhead stuck in Singapore to do? Well, we decided to make a list of cars that offer you a lot of go for less dough, or a lot of dash for less cash. Simply put, we plotted price against horsepower to come up with a dollars per bhp rating to see which car came out tops.

The winner?

Kia's turbo Koup - most bang for your buck. (Credit: CB224)

Kia's Forte Koup with a new 1.6-litre turbocharged engine delivers 204bhp but retails for $130,999 with COE which works out to $642.15 per bhp. The second placed car is the Subaru WRX which has 268bhp and retails for $168,600 with COE, which works out to $658.96/bhp. Third place belonged to another Subaru, the Subaru BRZ, but it's been displaced by another new comer: the to-be launched Renault Clio RS which packs 200bhp in a package costing $144,999 with COE.

Want to know how normal cars and supercars stack up in the $/bhp ranking? Check out the full analysis at CarBuyer:

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Like horsing around? Take a look at our list then (Credit: CB224)

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