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More Than Ever, Single Men and Women Looking for Love are Signing Up on Online Dating Sites with Varying Degrees of Success

ESCONDIDO, Calif., May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Barbara Morris, author of The New Put Old on Hold and publisher of the online  Put Old On Hold Journal , and a widow, joined an online dating site. While she has not yet found the next love of her life, she says she learned a lot about "today's men" and tells exactly "how it is" in Can't Fail Tips for Old Guys Looking for Love  available on Amazon Kindle.

Morris explains that many older men are clueless about dating and don't know how to attract or interact with a new "today's woman". Men post unattractive dark, out of focus, unsmiling selfies, or photos taken 25 years ago, unaware that women are angry when they meet a guy whose posted photo was taken 25 years ago. Or men post photos of a deceased wife which suggests they are not ready to move on. Morris recommends that men pay a photographer to get the most attractive photo possible.

Many men write a great profile about themselves but many profiles are full of fluff and pretension. Morris says, "Be honest and fairly represent yourself. Don't lie or exaggerate about who you are, how much money you have, or what you do. It's an invitation for a gold digger to rob you blind." Scammers on dating sites look for old guys with impressive financial credentials to swindle their life savings.

Women complain men don't answer messages and Ms. Morris urges, "Courtesy will go a long way to being successful. Why are men on the site if they won't reply to messages?"

Many men are hung up on finding an "age appropriate" woman."That's really behind the times," says Ms. Morris. "Be open to women beyond your preferred age range. Chronological age is just a number and indicates nothing about intelligence, beauty, competence, health, or anything else."

Morris is not shy about tackling sensitive subjects which include, but are not limited to Appearance And Cultural Change, Health Issues, Messaging, Age, Sex and Religious and Political Considerations.

Can't -Fail Tips For Old Guys Looking For Love is a fast read, packed with words of wisdom,  and often funny.  Barbara Morris offers candid advice that will improve any man's chances of finding love especially if he no longer remembers or knows how to successfully play today's courting game.

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