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More Under Age 34 Seen Signing Up for Health Insurance

Brian O'Connell

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- According to eHealthInsurance.com, its customers paid an average $271 for individual coverage and $667 for family coverage in the first 30 days after the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period.

That's up 38% for individual health care plans from 2013, and a rise of 57% in costs paid out on family health care plans. Health care deductibles are up significantly, too. The average annual deductible for individual plans rose 35% from last year, to $4,164. For family plans, deductibles rose to $7,771, eHealth says.

But the exchange notes that its report "provides insights into the large segment of the individual and family health insurance market which may not qualify for or elect to use government subsidies, and which may shop for coverage through sources other than government exchanges."

The report also has some good news on health insurance reform: The 18- to 34-year-old demographic -- generally the healthiest and least likely to have health insurance, but the demographic the health care system needs because it'll pay in without gobbling up resources -- seem to be playing ball.

The report says that group makes up 42% of new plan signees throughout the open enrollment period.

But like most Americans, health care consumers are opting to go as low as they can on price in choosing plans. eHealth says that so-called bronze plans were the most popular choice among consumers (the different health care plan categories are named after metals, with bronze the cheapest and platinum the most expensive.)

On a state level, Alaskans were paying the highest premiums for individual plans, at $452 per month. New Jersey residents paid the most for family plans, at a monthly average of $987.

Minnesota offers the lowest average costs for individual plans, at $191 per month. Oklahomans paid the lowest amount for family plans, at $476 per month.

Across genders, health care plan users tilt toward women, making up 52% of all eHealth plan participants, compared with the 48% that are men.

The report is here.

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