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Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific announces preliminary results of tender offer

Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific Fund announced that the Fund’s tender offer for 978,846 of its issued and outstanding shares of common stock, representing approximately 5% of the Fund’s outstanding shares, expired at 11:59 p.m. New York time on November 16. Based upon current information, approximately 10,492,526 shares were tendered, including shares tendered pursuant to notices of guaranteed delivery. Based on this preliminary information, the pro-ration for each tendering stockholder is estimated to be 9.33% of the shares properly tendered. These numbers are subject to adjustment and should not be regarded as final. The actual number of shares to be purchased will be announced at a later date. Management of the Fund anticipates acceptance on November 23, 2012 of 978,846 shares properly tendered and that payment for such shares will be made on or about November 26.