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Morgan teases all-new model with four-cylinder manual for Geneva

Sven Gustafson

Morgan will be coming to the Geneva International Motor Show next week to unveil an all-new model that it’s teasing in a photo of a vehicle shrouded in a dark sheet, with two narrow headlamps peering through it.

All we’re told about it is that it’ll feature a four-cylinder engine and be available with a manual transmission. It will be based on the company’s new CX-Generation bonded aluminum platform, and the wraps come off March 3.

It’s part of Morgan’s plan to end production this year of its old 4-4 steel chassis, first introduced in 1936, and start building all-new models and updates of existing ones with the 214-pound aluminum platform. This won’t be the first Morgan bearing the chassis, however; that honor goes to the Plus Six roadster, which bowed in Geneva last year.

It’s also Morgan’s second go at the technology, having built the Aero 8 and Plus 8 from a bonded and riveted aluminum chassis way back at the turn of the millennium. But Morgan says the CX-Generation platform, designed in-house, features a 100% increase in torsional rigidity over the previous aluminum platform while retaining the same wheelbase. It also features better crash structures and integrated suspension mounts. Morgan hasn’t said when exactly it will end production of the steel chassis but said both platforms will be produced alongside one another for a time in 2020.

The engine will be smaller than the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six sourced from BMW that powers the Plus Six and is also found in the Toyota Supra. It produces 335 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. That engine marked the first turbocharged powerplant to feature in a Morgan, but here’s betting we’ll see a second next week in Switzerland.

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