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The Morning After: Monday, October 23rd 2017

Richard Lawler

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome back! We'll set our alarms for Stranger Things season two and iPhone X pre-orders (3 AM ET, Friday for both) and quickly recap news you may have missed over the weekend, like a new price point for Essential's first phone.

If you can't get the SNES Classic Edition...Nintendo surprises the US with this SNES-themed 3DS XL

Turns out that SNES-themed 3DS XL isn't a Europe exclusive after all. Now US gamers can grab this $200 handheld with its retro style and included code for Super Mario Kart on Amazon.

Andy Rubin's new phone is suddenly $200 cheaper.Essential PH-1 gets a price cut to $499

Even with an impressive all-screen design, the Essential Phone is facing an uphill battle as an outsider. Also, as new flagships like the latest iPhones and Pixel 2 series enter the arena, its chance for sales at the high-end are likely slipping, and over the weekend Essential announced the price is dropping from $699 to $499. Early adopters who already purchased one aren't entirely left out as they will receive a $200 coupon to use on accessories or another phone. Now we'll find out if its sales fare better as a mid-tier option competing with phones like the OnePlus 5.

Cambridge said this paper was the 'most-requested' work on its open repositoryStephen Hawking makes his doctoral thesis from 1966 available online

Ever wondered how Stephen Hawking saw the universe as a doctoral candidate when his theories about black holes were just coming to fruition? You don't have to hear about it second-hand, anymore -- you can now go straight to the source.

IRL.What we're watching: 'Raw' and 'Feast of Fiction'

Need some help getting into the Halloween spirit? Timothy Seppala's horror suggestions (Raw and Them) may help, while a different kind of hunger drives Kris Naudus' YouTube food channel recommendations.

The stylus dream is coming true.How Microsoft embraced 'messy' creativity with Windows Ink

With the Surface Pen and Windows Ink, Microsoft found a way to let PC users do something completely new: It gave them a way to break free from the constraints of the keyboard and mouse.

Snitching.Windows 10 now includes TruePlay anti-cheat protection for games

Steam games have Valve Anti-Cheat to try to catch shady players, and now Universal Windows Platform games can tie into a similar Windows 10 feature called TruePlay. It keeps an eye on background processes and "behaviors and manipulations that are common in cheating scenarios." Gamers can turn off its ability to phone home, but doing so could come at the cost of features like online multiplayer.

A respectable debut.Fitbit Ionic review

The Ionic is Fitbit's first real smartwatch, but it feels rushed, like a placeholder to secure a spot on your wrist while you wait for marquee features to roll out. Right now, it's favorably viewed as a fitness tracker with some smartwatch bonuses (and a long-lasting battery), but until its software and app support improves, the Ionic is "simply functional."

Crush the 'gram.The best devices and apps to up your selfie game

Looking for more likes, swipes or RTs? Self-proclaimed selfie queen Cherlynn Low explains what gear makes for the best pictures -- and the real benefits that can follow.

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