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Morning News Call - Canada, April 12

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COMPANIES REPORTING RESULTS April 12: No major companies are scheduled to report for the day.

April 15: OrganiGram Holdings Inc (OGI). Expected Q2 earnings of 1 Canadian cent per share CORPORATE EVENTS No major events are scheduled for the day.

EXDIVIDENDS Bonterra Energy Corp (BNE). Amount C$0.01 Diversified Royalty Corp (DIV). Amount C$0.01 Empire Company Ltd (EMPa). Amount C$0.11 First Quantum Minerals Ltd (FM). Amount C$0.00 Hardwoods Distribution Inc (HWD). Amount C$0.08 Mosaic Capital Corp (M). Amount C$0.03 Premium Income Corp (PICa). Amount C$0.20 Razor Energy Corp (RZE). Amount C$0.01 Reitmans Canada Ltd (RETa). Amount C$0.05 Shaw Communications Inc (SJRb). Amount C$0.09 TransAlta Renewables Inc (RNW). Amount C$0.07 For Morning News Call U.S. -- a preview of market-moving news for the trading day: - type US/MNC in a news browser if you are an Eikon user, or type RT/US/MNC in a news browser if you are a Thomson One user For The Day Ahead -- a recap of the day's events and preview of the next trading day: - type DAY/US in a news browser if you are an Eikon user or type RT/DAY/US in a news browser if you are a Thomson One user For an index of our newsletters click on