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Moro Corporation Announces Promotion of Lawrence J. Corr as President and Appointment of Neil H. Kessler as a Director


Moro Corporation (MRCR) (the “Company”), a construction products and services company, today announced the Board of Directors has appointed Lawrence J. Corr as President of the Company, and appointed Neil H. Kessler to serve as a Director. The announcement was made by David W. Menard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Mr. Corr previously held the positions of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company, and has served as a Director of the Company since May 2000.

Dr. Kessler has worked in various roles in the software engineering field including internet infrastructure, website development and eCommerce. Dr. Kessler holds a Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies from the University of New Hampshire, and is currently an adjunct professor in the Natural Resources and the Environment Department there.

About Moro Corporation:

Moro Corporation is a multi-subsidiary construction products and services company. Moro’s contracting subsidiaries provide electrical, structural steel, sheet metal ductwork and HVAC products and services to a variety of commercial and residential customers located in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Moro’s steel fabricating and distribution subsidiaries fabricate and distribute concrete reinforcing steel and other accessory items to a variety of contractors located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. For additional information, visit www.morocorp.com.

For more information, contact David W. Menard, Chairman and CEO, at 484-367-0300, fax 484-367-0305, or at dmenard@morocorp.com.

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