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The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents In The United States

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2019 / Cheapquotesautoinsurance.com has launched a new blog post that presents the leading causes of car accidents and how to avoid them in order to keep the car insurance intact.

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Car accidents are a common sighting on the roads of the US. In most cases, human error is responsible for causing an accident. Many of these accidents are minor and the damages are minimal. However, thousands of people die each year in horrific car accidents. In order to avoid being involved in a car accident, drivers should always follow the traffic laws and drive carefully.

The most common causes of car accidents in the US are the following:

  • Distracted driving. Distracted driving has been for many years the most common cause of car accidents in the US. Nowadays, drivers are easier to distract. Using a smartphone, eating food, drinking from a bottle, or applying makeup while behind the wheel are not unusual sightings. It only takes a few seconds of distraction in order to cause an accident.

  • Drunk driving. Driving while being drunk is one of the leading causes of accidents in the US. When someone is driving after consuming alcohol, his response time and the ability to focus on the road will be greatly reduced, thus increasing the chances for a car accident to happen. Drivers that plan to drink should wait until the drinking effects are gone before driving again.

  • Speeding. It is common for some drivers to just simply ignore the speed limits. This illegal behavior is one of the most common causes of car accidents. The faster a vehicle travels, the longer it will take for the driver to slow down in order to avoid an obstacle.

  • Reckless driving. Chaotic driving behavior that involves speeding, quickly changing the lanes, tailgating and ignoring road signs are all signs of reckless driving. Usually, this driving behavior is being exhibited by intoxicated drivers that want to quickly reach their destinations.

  • Unsuitable weather conditions. Specific weather conditions can make driving more difficult. Driving in the rain, dense fog, high winds, or slick roads can be dangerous, especially if the driver is unprepared or inexperienced.

  • Not stopping at the red light. Running a red light is illegal and dangerous at the same time. Many accidents happen because some drivers are just ignoring the red light. Drivers that are in a hurry should respect the traffic laws and remember that reaching a location is not as important as their lives.

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Drivers should always respect the traffic laws and be prepared to deal with unexpected dangerous road situations”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

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