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Most East Coast refineries not damaged by Sandy

The Associated Press

Oil refineries that make up 8 percent of U.S. refining capacity sit in the area hit by Hurricane Sandy. Nearly all were affected by the superstorm. Most of the nine either shut down or ran at reduced levels. They are now cranking up to normal rates. Two still have no power and it's unclear when they will be back online:

Refinery Location Capacity in barrels/day Status
PBF Energy Co. LLC Delaware City, Del. 190,000 Ran at low rate during storm, no estimate on return to normal
Phillips 66 Linden, N.J. 238,000 Shut down, no power, some flooding
Hess Port Reading, N.J. 70,000 Shut down, no power
PBF Energy Co. LLC Paulsboro, N.J. 180,000 Ran at low rate during storm, no estimate on return to normal
Delta Airlines Trainer, Pa. 185,000 Reduced operations, returning to normal
Philadelphia Energy Solutions Philadelphia, Pa. 330,000 No issues, returning to normal
United Refining Warren, Pa. 70,000 No impact, normal operations
American Refining Bradford, Pa. 10,000 Restarting, normal operations Wednesday
Ergon-West Virginia Newell, W.Va. 20,000 No storm impact, normal operations

Sources: Companies, Department of Energy